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dcdaniels 08-04-2008 01:18 AM

Can anyone help me?
My betta is sick he is doing flips and turns all over the bowl and staying at the very top of the bowl. I know it probaly has to due with his bowl getting dirty. i was out of town due to a family emergency and for 3 weeks I had someone feed him but the water did not get changed Saturday night I got back in & thought he looked ok but Sunday morning he started doing this so I changed & condition his water asap but this is still going on PLEASE HELP! My betta is 2 years old

onefish2fish 08-04-2008 04:17 AM

im not a beta expert but i know first off that its a common misconception that a beta will "thrive" in a fish bowl. if you can afford it, get atleast a 5gallon tank for your beta ( or check for a free or cheap used tank ) Doing this will give a more consistant water quality. I'd suggest keeping him in the bowl while the new tank cycles ( if you dont know what cycling a tank is there are forums on here about it ) once your tank cycles id acclimate him into his new tank ASAP!
:!: the flips and turns that your beta is doing is most likely due to WATER CONDITIONS if not the type or quality of food your feeding it. the pellets may be bloating in its stomach causing it discomfort. if this is not caused by the food id suggest it has nematode worms or some sort of worm or digestive disease, like i said im not a beta expert but get him out of that little bowl as soon as you can.

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