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unlimitedx 08-03-2008 07:02 PM

easy plants for cichlids tank
Hi everyone,

what are some low light/low maintenance plants that can thrive and grow fast without much lighting? this will be put in a cichlid tank (2 oscars, 4 african, 1 texas, 1 pleco in 200g tank)

bettababy 08-04-2008 12:01 AM

Your best bet will be to work with silk plants. Whatever live plants survive the digging of the oscar and the texas cichlid, won't survive long when the Africans begin to eat them. African cichlids are primarily vegetarian fish. Silk plants have weighted bottoms so that when the fish dig them up/out, they won't float. Digging is common and natural with most cichlids, and plants just can't handle the constant uprooting. If you were working with just the Central and South American cichlids, hornwort and naja grass tend to work well because they are a floating plant.

Also just a note... mixing African cichlids with oscars and texas cichlids isn't a good idea. Even though in that size of a tank compatibility issues may not arise, the difference in requirements in water hardness will make a huge difference. Texas cichlids and oscars need much softer water than African cichlids. When working with cichlids, Africans are best kept with other Africans and Central & South Americans are best kept with Central & South Americans.

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