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aryehl 08-03-2008 02:00 AM

New tank PH problems
I have a new 29 gallon tank. We live in a rural area and I found our water to be very soft. I started a new tank and surprisingly the PH is very high (e.g. around 8.6). I tried lowering the PH with standard API lowering solution w/o success. In fact, I used a near whole bottle and still am unable to lower the PH. I'd understand this if the water was hard and had a lot of natural buffer.

Has anyone ever heard of this before?

My young son bought some 2 guppies and added them to the new tank. Surprisingly they are still alive....

Nitrates, Nitrites are all low.

Any suggestions?

Flashygrrl 08-03-2008 05:17 AM

Try driftwood or peat pellets (those you'd put in a closeable mesh bag they sell at PetSmart or some other store and preferably have in the filter). That can naturally bring your pH down, but be warned it'll turn your water a golden color cuz of the tannins. pH chemicals never are the way to go with the average fishkeeper, they can cause a huge tank crash unless you're very experienced using them.

As for your levels, I'm assuming your tank is an established tank your levels should be 0 Ammonia and Nitrite, and low levels of nitrates.

Kim 08-03-2008 07:36 AM

If your water is really hard, the driftwood may not work either. My water did some weird things a while ago, and the pH rose to 7.6 after coming out of the tap at 6.4. Not nearly as high as yours, but I still wanted to lower it for my betta. I put some driftwood in with no result, and tried the chemicals as well. I was just about to just spend the money on a cheap RO unit when it just stopped rising :?: . Maybe you could mix some RO water with your tap water to bring it down to reasonable levels. Other than that I really don't know what to tell you. Generally, it is much easier to raise pH than to lower it :( . Good luck.

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