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HerMooness 04-30-2013 12:59 PM

Female guppies moving in....advice.
Ok, so as I've mentioned somewhere before, my 4 male guppies have become really aggressive and the situation isn't easing after a few weeks and this last couple of days they've taken it to a whole new level - resulting in the worst culprit being holed up in his bachelor pad.

Was confused at first as to why they had suddenly become aggressive when before they were in a much smaller tank (24L as opposed to 64L), and after a bit of reading round I twigged that they must have been very young when I got them and now they've turned into rowdy teenagers.

I have got very attached to my guppies and don't want to split them up by moving them to neighbours and friends tanks, so I've decided to get some female guppies to 'ease the tension'. I know the recommended ratio is 1 male: 2 females however I don't want to fill my tank with them and their babies so I'm looking to get 6 females for the 4 males to play with. Hopefully that will turn out ok.

Now I only started fish keeping back in October so I have no experience with babies, so I'm hoping you guys could chuck some info at me. I'm not too bothered about saving every single baby from the other fish, it would be nice to have a few but realistically while I only have the one tank set up and cycled, its not practical for me to have a baby farm. I guess its nature's way of separating the weak from the strong, if they get eaten of not. However those that do survive...

What do I feed them with? Do they need any special attention? Will I have to set up my other tank again for some reason.

.....and any advice for settling the ladies in with the randy gents other than the usual acclimatising?

The females really do have to move in tonight, I only have 1 breeding net to separate the males with and if I just let them get on with it I'm going to just be netting corpses - they've lost a lot of colour already.

Thanks for your help!

redchigh 05-01-2013 09:32 AM

fake or live plants (preferably live) will help with aggression and (fuzzy plants like anarchis) provide hiding places for fry.

Dark colors also seem to help with aggression.

are you sure they are all guppies? there's a silver species related to guppies called "mosquitofish" that are very aggressive. might just want to check.

when you add the females turn off the lights and feed the fish on the other side of the tank.

fry can eat crushed flake food. no worries.

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