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foxywench 07-29-2008 10:38 AM

new kit, new readings...
so i whent out yesterday and bought a new master test kit.
heres what we have IN the tank:

Ph 7.6
amonia: somewhere betwenn .25 and .5
nitrite (and my biggest worry) is reading dark red which places it at >1

form the tap:
ph 8.4
amonia 0
nitrite .1

after standing for 24hrs:
ph 8.0
amonia 0
nitrite .1

tank is running at 76 degrees

daily 25% water changes dont seem to be budging the nitrites...
im confused.

added liquid beni bacteria in hopes of boosting the cycle, but the tanks been up and running for over 3 weeks now.
2 (1") serpea tetra, 1 (2") rainbow shark, and 1 (1") zebra danio.

foxywench 07-29-2008 11:43 AM

amonia in tank is now at 0 (.25 last night)
nitrites still reading at >1

okiemavis 07-29-2008 04:06 PM

Hmm, for one thing, 25% daily water changes are probably slowing down the cycle, I'd recommend only doing changes when the ammonia reaches .5ppm.

What sort of master test kit are you using? I was a little confused by your nitrite readings... less than 1ppm is pretty good. The fact that you have high nitrites is probably a reflection of the cycle working- the ammonia needs to be converted to nitrites before it can be converted to nitrates. Right now you still have high(ish) ammonia readings, so it makes sense that you would still be seeing high nitrite readings. What are your nitrate readings?

Also, raise the temperature to at least 78 degrees. Most tropical fish should be kept at temperatures between 78-82 degrees.

Flashygrrl 07-29-2008 07:54 PM

Hmm, the nitrites in the tap water might be a problem. Still, it shouldn't be holding up the cycling.

foxywench 07-29-2008 09:09 PM

its "fresh labs" liquid kit.

the tank was up and running for 2 weeks before i noticed a huge nitrite spike which on the old test strips i had was regestering VERY high which due to the presence of fish i began doing the frequent waterchanges as reccomended in case of nitrite spikes.

i dont want to loose the few fish left and cant understand why after quite some time and lots of good sized waterchanges, but there still not dropping...
yet my amonia and nitrate are at 0...

foxywench 08-03-2008 09:24 PM

after spending weeks doing waterchanges and freeking out and my nitrites still bieng high i said screw it...the fish wernt streesing or dying so last wednesday i STOPPED doign water changes...

in that sad but true kind of way i prepared for fish losses with amonia and nitrites peaking at that point after a second waterchange in one day...

well its now sunday.

amonia is reading at 0 (or close to) and nitrites are down to .25 from over 1ppm

still all 3 fish are fine and dandy, and FINALLY the readings seem to be slowly dropping.
i KNOW with high nitrites it is VERY important do do waterchanges to keep your fish alive...
however in this case those water changes seemed to be just slowing down the cycling process and doing more harm than good...since the fihs didnt seem stressed i said what the heck and just decided to let nature take its course...
it aparently seems to be working.

so yeah...gonna test again on wednesday (cause i also found myself stressing myself out more by testing every day) and assuming all goes well, i MAY start slowly adding fish again. couple of serpeas to start because the 2 in there look so lost lol.

this is also a good sighn because now i know theres nothing wrong with ME (i thought i had fish tank curse) i can now start setting up my 55 gallon wich will eventually be an all male peacock tank! wooot!

please keep those fingers crossed that the nitrites continue to drop for me!

Flashygrrl 08-04-2008 05:14 AM

How many peacocks are you wanting to have?

I forget, what other fish are you planning to have besides the serpeas? I guess they can be pretty aggressive...

foxywench 08-04-2008 09:47 AM

this morning i tested my tank...

and im happy to say!
amonia is down at zero
nitrite...FINALLY down at zero!

*is doing little happy dance*

the serpeas can be nasty fin nippers (like many other tetra) if not kept in a large enough group so they will be added too over the next couple of days/weeks untill i have a group of 5-6 which should be enough to keep any squabbling between themselves.
the plan is to eventually place a nice pair of angels in the 30gal (the serpes are simply the last residents of the 10 gallon that died)
and im hoping with a large enough group the serpeas will not only not bother the angles but that they too will be big and fast enough to survive a mature angels tendency of eating small tetra species.
personally i dont realy want the serpeas in there, but its my mothers tank and these 2 have been with her for about 2 yrs now...
so we'll see what happens.

in the 55 gal peacock.
not sure on the numbers yet as focusing mostly on the smal peacocks so at adult hood most of them average out around the 5" mark there abouts. so at adult hood no more than about 8-10. but im planning on getting young, just old enough to safely sex
itll be an all male tank which with the peacock species does help cull some of the agression, and im planning to lightly overstock, also been shown to help quell agression.
add to that plenty of rockwork and lots of broken lines of sight i should be able to get away with a nice group.
the idea will be to doublestock younguns and then half the group as they grow, rehoming any that dont "fit" in the tanks dynamics.

ive seen a couple of very nice all male tanks that im hoping this will end up like over the next few years, itll take alot of carefull planning and watching and upkeep work (removing fish who are overly shy or agressive ect) but the shere simple beauty of an all male peacock tank in my opinion is well worth the efforts.

im sooo happy...
now the 29 gallon is officially cycled (about time) i can start focusing more on getting the 55 gallon running! (ive had it sitting in my garage for over a year planning this!)[/list]

foxywench 08-05-2008 08:26 AM

day 2 at 0 amonia and 0 nitrites!
very excited
gonna pick up a couple of serpeas (or lacking that a couple of zebra danios) today and see how the parameters hold up.

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