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FrogNewt 07-28-2008 03:00 PM

Zebra Danio Eggs! Help!

New to the forum, so please bear with me if I'm asking something redundant, but I took a very gravid Danio female (red Glofish) and two normal Zebra Danio Males and put them into a small, 2.5 gallon breeding tank with a mop and they spawned! I put them in on July 26th, and when I turned on the light in the morning (~6 AM) they started courting. I left for work and returned at noon to find a trillion tiny white specks throughout the tank. I immediately separated the parents by returning them to their old enclosure.

It's now been about 31 hours and I haven't seen any hatching...also, I'm nervous that the eggs might all be infertile. They're mostly uniform and whitish/clearish, but really more on the whitish side. I can't see any of the little black things people say should be there, but they're awfully small and I'm not sure I'd be able to see them without a magnifying glass, anyway. I read that females usually won't spawn unless males are courting them--they'll just reabsorb their eggs rather than laying infertile eggs. Is this a myth?

Does anyone have experience with this, or advice? I'll try to have pictures of the eggs up within the hour, but I'd really appreciate someone's help! Am I just too anxious? Will this situation look different in another twelve hours?! How do you clean the water in a tank full of tiny eggs that aren't hatched?! *sighs*

Thanks in advance,

(I posted this elsewhere earlier, so now I DO have pictures!)

I apologize for the low quality of the pictures, but it's the best I can do, for now.

okiemavis 07-28-2008 03:24 PM

From what I've read, Glofish will breed normally just like regular zebra danios (although it's copyright infringement to distribute them). You can read up on breeding zebra danios to get more information on your glofish. It'll be interesting to see how to fry turn out- mildly florescent? Some normal some Glofish?

I couldn't tell from the photo, but if the eggs turn white after a few days, they are infertile, which is the same for all fish eggs. You should remove them from the tank to prevent fungus developing on them.

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