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foxywench 07-28-2008 08:34 AM

7g mini bow
i have a 7 gal mini bow that im looking to turn into a little rock/fish set up.
no interest currently in corals...
i have about 12lbs of fiji, and pohnpei live rock, cured.
and a good bed of argonite sand.

all "rescued" from a lfs shutting downcurrently the rock and sand are in a cooler filled with saltwater from the tanks they were in with an airpump going, as per the lfs guys instructions.

mini bow was a betta looking do do something possibly with a couple hermits, or something similar small :)

it has a whisper 10i filter on it (typical whisper with carbon and sponge hangs in the tank)

everything else on this tank is stock, no interest in getting all mechanical/into the electronics or other such diy stuff (nope im not drilling my tank to add a sump, now am i adding new high output lighting (not doing corals no need to...)

what i am wondering is will the whisper work in this tank to create some kind of internal bacterial bed for the tank, should i remove the filter media and just run it to break up the surface tension on the water or what?

all the minibow nanos ive see include alot of work drilling for sumps and stuff...i want to keep this as simple as possible.
frequent water changes are no problem.

Cody 07-28-2008 11:15 AM

I want you to check out these tanks:

All are MB7's. It is definatley possible to keep corals and the like in that tank if you do some mods. Do you know if the light is flourescent or incandascent? You would need to switch it if it is incandascent, unless you like a ton of algea growth.

Now, I also want to say that this tank will scratch very easily since it is acrylic.

The internal Whiser filter is not the best for a filter in a SW enviroment, but I have seen it done and the tanks be gorgeous. If it were me, I would get some sort of HOB. If not, make sure you have a good powerhead (check out the koralia nano or Maxi-Jets) to pair with the filter.

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