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Alf 07-27-2008 05:17 PM

quesions about breeding oscars
so i know they lay their eggs on a large flat rock. what kind of rock is best? and where do i get one? none of my lfs have flat rocks...
also i have 2 albino tiger 1 tiger 1 lemon and 1 albino veiltailed... will the different variations breed together? and if so will they produce a mixture of the two or what?

1077 07-28-2008 08:30 AM

IMHO Lobster,plecos,clown loaches,and channel cat, could all be problematic if oscars decide to breed assuming(never a good idea) that you are talking about breeding or attempting to breed in 250gal tank shown in your tank blurb. I would try and find homes for goldfish in your 55gal also shown and put the breeding pair in it IF a pair shows signs of spawning activity.As for rocks to help provide some cover as well as spawning place, you may wish to visit lawn and gardenstore. Good luck!

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