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foxywench 07-27-2008 11:10 AM

still having nitrite issues
so my nitrate is still kinda high...but still wihtint "safe" parameters
but what worries me is the nitrites.
im currently doing daily 25% water changes, have been for a little over a week...and the nitrites are just NOT going down!

30 gallon, 2 serpeas, 1 rainbow shark, and 1 zebra danio, ph still hasnt shifted despite buffers.
but im most worried about nitrites...

its been over a week of water changes...

mabe i should just give up, empty her and start over...*pouts*

Flashygrrl 07-27-2008 03:46 PM

Check your tap water? Test some straight out of the tap and let some other stuff sit out for 24 hours (no dechlorinator). Also, what testing method are you using?

jeaninel 07-27-2008 06:30 PM

Nitrites seem to take longer than the ammonia to go down. I've often heard on other forums as well as on this one how the nitrites seem to be stuck then suddenly will go to 0. Just have patience. :D

foxywench 07-27-2008 10:01 PM


im just freeking out thanks to the fact i have some older fish in there...none of them seem to be struggling...but the nitrites are DANGEROUSLY high despite water changes every day.

im half wondering if my test kits old though because as i said, readings say dangerously high but the fish arnt shwoing stress signs...

the kit im currently using has my tank at:
test kit is generic test kit from walmart box is destroyed dont remember brand...

NO3: 40ppm
NO2: 10.0 ppm
GH: 275ppm
KH: 250ppm
PH: 8.6

from the tap:
No3: 0ppm
No2: .5ppm
GH 275ppm
Kh: 250ppm
ph 8.2

After 24 hrs from tap
No3 0ppm
no2: .7ppm
GH 275ppm
Kh: 250ppm
ph 8.4

tanks is crystal clear, no cloudyness, runing a whisper 30i with foam and carbon and an undergravel filter. seeded beneath undergravel and in whisper filter with gravel from established 10 gal.
running a "bubble curtain" and undergravel airstone for filter.
Plastic plants, faux aquarium aproved rocks, and a large OLD peice of driftwood thats been in my tanks for many a year.
gravel is washed "river rock" aquarium gravel.

tank was set up for 2 years about 8-10 months back, with same undergravel fliter and driftwood...all else is brand newnew.
no chemicals were used in the tank before setting it up (no bleach ect)
tank was reset up a while back, cycled normally with amonia and no fish, all readings good...added 3 serpeas and rainbow shark, 1 serpea died...did regular water changes of 10% daily...readings remained normal.
added 5 zebra danios, all but one died within 2 days. all bodies removed, but thats when nitrites and nitrates started climbing...
25% water changes daily for past week and a half/2 weeks almost and nitrites still kept climbing...
hit 10.0 today and im worried.

fish are showing no signs of stress and no deaths in 2 weeks...

have another post here about the situation, but im at a loss...

ordering a new test kit asap as the one i have is old...

mum wants the tank set up for the grandparents comming out at the end of aug...ive got a month to figure it out...(fingers crossed its a bad test kit and im worrying for no reason)

i just cant figure out why the nitrites are so high!

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