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Ashkat 07-27-2008 02:36 AM

Changing/adding substrate (with pictures)
Last week I had a few days off from work so I took the opportunity to move about 25 lbs of Flourite from an unoccupied tank into my main plant project tank. I snapped a few pics during the process and thought I'd post them in the thread in case any of you wanted to know just what I'd been up to. I'm sure if I went about this any right or wrong way, it's just the way that worked out best for my situation. So here goes:

The tank:

Occupied by ten rosy barbs, six giant danios, five emerald green catfish, one clown pleco and one golden mystery snail. The lovely occupants of the tank spent their afternoon here:

A guard dog was also retained for the security of the fish:

It still took a lot of persuasion to get everyone out of the tank, but it did eventually happen. I had to drain it down to about three inches of water before I caught that last giant danio. All of the decorations and plants were placed in tank water in separate containers to wait out the remodel. Here are some of the plants (ludwigia and cabomba):

The old gravel went into two large dishpans, also with tank water:

With the old gravel out, I added in the Flourite:

Then, realizing that water + camera = bad, I have fewer pictures of the next stages, through the magic of the internet we reach the final stage. I added back the old gravel on top of the Flourite, for aesthetics. Then I broke up my bunch plants and filled in the back of the aquarium first, then planted across the front with my crypts.

And for the reveal:


Alf 07-27-2008 07:39 PM

the after looks much better than the before. good job!

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