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MisticAllie314 07-26-2008 12:23 PM

my gourami has gone psycho...
So for 4 months my male dwarf gourami, named discus, lived with his buddy, a female spotted gourami named domino. I don't know what the heck happened... but since moving them both to a larger tank... the male chased her more, then harassed her non-stop and then started nipping her. When they got along great with no problems for 4 months! He'd also like curl a little to one side and try to embrace her when she came by. I've tried putting him w/ my 2 honey gourami... and they seemed eager to check him out and say hello and he immediately tried to nip them too!
Now he's all alone in a 10 gal. But he's eating less, and seems less energetic. The specs in all my tanks are the same so.... I think he's lonely. Should I get another fish? I'm afraid he'll get along with no one. Should I get him a female dwarf like him? Or maybe a school of fish that he'd less likely attack...

Pasfur 07-26-2008 05:14 PM

Male Gourami's can be a real pain. Experiences such as yours are not uncommon. As they age they become more territorial, and the move to the new aquarium was all it took for him to "claim" a new territory, which is often the entire aquarium.

I usually only suggest keeping female Gourami's in a community aquarium, unless you are keeping a dwarf species. Almost all of the 3-spot Gourami's, which includes the Blue, Opaline, Pearlscale, Gold, and Platinum, can cause serious problems when keeping Males of the species.

okiemavis 07-26-2008 10:32 PM

Honey gourami are very docile, so they'll be easily picked on by your dwarf. Dwarf gourami are also known to pick on their females, so I'm not sure that'd be the best mix either.

Personally, I'd add a shoal of bottom dwellers- cories would work well, the larger group the better. They're hard fish to attack, as they're rather prickly and well armored, so they shouldn't be bothered by the gourami in the least. Plus, they occupy opposite territories, so he shouldn't get too territorial about them. Cories are very unaggressive themselves and won't hurt the gourami.

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