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jones57742 12-05-2006 04:40 AM

Home Prepared Meals For Fishies
Folks I hope I am not “overloading” the forum with dialog here but:

The following is excerpted from a PM’s dialog (on the other forum) which Ghost and I have been having.

I hope my experience can be of help to some folks on this forum.

Back to your PM (and many items)

I use beef heart instead of chicken heart because IMHO it is critical to remove all!!! fat. This is not possible with chicken hearts unless you and Ashley do not have anything to do between Thanksgiving and Xmas!

I also do not want my fishies to "get tired" of eating the same thing.
I use carrots, spinach, peas, lima beens, etc. (virtually all veggies except for corn, asparagus and dark beans) for the veggie part.
I use beef heart, cod and shrimp for the "meaty part".
one batch will be beef heart, carrots and spinach;
next batch will be cod, spinach and peas;
next batch will be shrimp, peas, carrots and lima beans

I do fix a batch with chicken livers but only every couple of months as I am concerned about the residual "bad sh.t" in livers.
My fishies love it also.
Controlling the particulate size of liver is much harder than the other "meaties".
When I "screw up" and blend it too much it is very messy!!! to feed.

Several other items from my experience which vary from the literature.

I use 10 Multipurpose Centrum Vitamins instead of 3 per each pound of "meaties".
This must be OK as other than stupidity and 2 cases of ich I have not had anything (that I have observed) wrong with my fishies.
(I believe that a portion of this may also be due to inducing a 1 Tlbsp/ 20G salt concentration in the tank occasionally for pathogen control).

I use 3 packets of yeast instead of 1 packet per pound of "meaties".

I do not use gelatin as is set forth in the literature. My fishies seem to enjoy not having the gelatin in their "groceries" although the mixtures are slightly messier to feed.

The literature says this is a "no no" but I let mixtures "set" for 2 or 3 days before freezing in order that the "meaties" can soak up the yeast, garlic and vitamins.
(I let my last batch set for 5 days and then drained the fluid hoping to increase the consistency of the final feeding mixture.
I will try feeding this when I get back from Chris' ranch.
As you read in a post I mixed some of the fluid with flakes and my fishies went crazy - especially the cories.)

Lastly but definitely not "leastly" (as you put it in a post) in one word - Garlic!!!
I use 10 cloves instead of 3.
My fishies love!!! it.
I made a small batch one time without garlic "to see what would happen" (obviously not post doc research in physics but still useful).
Virtually no "feeding frenzy" (I could almost hear my big black angel when he was looking at me saying "the boy screwed up and forgot the garlic").

You asked me what "time it was" and I explained the science of building chronographs.

Ron Jones

BTW (some more items)

Have you ever thought about raising red wiggler worms in your house (know this sounds bad but it is not at all, gets rid of food scraps which would otherwise go to the landfill and the material which is generated is very, very good!!! for plants).
Although very small worms they are "theoretically" too large for most of my fishies but I see some of my angels and platties eating them even when they are "already stuffed".
I have also seen my cories eating them when I turn the lights on (go figure why they only eat them in the dark).
I believe these live worms are one reason I am having so much luck with my GN's and QA's.
I put about 50/week in the tank.
Approximately 10% burrow into the substrate but eventually come to the surface and are eaten.


jones57742 12-05-2006 07:51 AM


This is "feeding frenzy" over my beef heart home made recipe by my cories.

The angels and all other fishies are also "in the act" but not shown in the photograph.


Anflex 12-05-2006 09:59 PM

Haha wow! As I'm just starting out, I'm just sticking to the fish flakes for now! Might put a bit of cucumber in soon for the catfish but apart from that, flakes and pellets it is! ;D

fish_4_all 12-06-2006 05:39 PM

Corn can be used but is better to use homony because you can split the shell and squeeze the good stuff out and not have the shells. I have seen many recipes and all of the include garlic so I am not surprised your fish went on strike when you didn't add it. Any combinations can be used of fruits, veggies, and lean meats but acidic fruit needs to be processed seperately, or so I have read, because it can break down the proteins and cause some nasty things to happen.

The only concern I can see with letting it set out is the possibility of bacterial growth and some diseases but I don't know anything one the possible effects on fish so who knows.

jones57742 12-07-2006 05:17 AM


Two items

1) Has anyone tried one of my homemade mixtures?

2) The only "real problem" which I have had in preparing these mixtures is controlling the consistency of the mixture.
If the mixture is too fine it becomes "messy to feed" although the fish still enjoy it.
If the mixture is too coarse (as is shown in the photographs) the fish must "pick at it" for quite a while (ie 1 or 2 days*).
I can feed flakes for a "day or two" and the coarse portion of the mixture does get eaten.


*I would not recommend leaving uneaten food in the tank for this period of time unless "serious" biological filtration is available.

Amphitrite 12-07-2006 05:22 AM

Hi Jones, I've been meaning to try out a homemade mixture for ages. I'm going to get some ingredients at the weekend and make some up, and I'll post how it goes.

Nice sterbais by the way - how many do you have?

jones57742 12-07-2006 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by kateyoup
... and I'll post how it goes.

Yes please do.


Originally Posted by kateyoup
Nice sterbais by the way - how many do you have?



Seven and they are easily the hardiest fish in my community tank.


fish_4_all 12-07-2006 01:52 PM

Something I have seen on other sites that helps is to freeze whatever it is that you are going to put in the mixture first. This especially helps with the veggies as you can cut them rather small while frozen and ot make a huge mess. One thing to remember also is to remove all the seeds and to peel things like tomatoes, grapes, remove the skin of citrus fruit and such. Also to try and remove as many and much of the tendons, veins, grisle and other parts of any meat that might be too tough for the fish to digest or tear apart. Shrimp is also a great addition to a lot of mixes as well as crab and crayfish.

Agaragar is also a good replacement for gelatin as it is a seaweed extract and the fish may enjoy it more than gelatin and also does't have the sugars or other unwanted additives.

I think it would also be helpful if those that use the mix already list the fish they are feeding so others can get an idea of which recipes work best for which fish.

jones57742 12-13-2006 11:52 AM


1) Has anyone tried these recipes yet?

2) If so do you have any recommended modifications?


Originally Posted by fish_4_all
... Corn can be used but is better to use homony because you can split the shell and squeeze the good stuff out and not have the shells. ...

The literature does not recommend using corn.

I never understood why until I read your post (ie. the hulls).


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