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nav2008 07-19-2008 10:08 PM

Help me with my male betta plz
1. currently in a 1/2 gallon bowl (temporary, I have had him 4 days now) Im trying to get my old fish tank set up (its either 2 or 3 gallons, Its also all i have room for) But I dont want to move him until I know how strong the filter is.
2. tapwater? (we dont have ANY chlorine in our water, but there are some minerals and salt.... should I use my Aqua safe conditioner? or would the change stress him out more?
3. almost 4 days.
4. Just 1 male betta
5. 1 fake plastic (plan on getting some silk for the new one as he enjoys going through them so often.)
6. It changes :( between mid 70s to low 80s.... I found an old heater for my tank when i move him (as soon as i figure out to use it)
7. None now, his new one is by Marineland... Its a 3 step filtration process w/a bio wheel.... I dont know how strong it is... It says 120vac 60hv .12amp... does that help?
8. whats a co2 unit?
9.Indirect sunlight during day (I move Him when its really bright)
10. 100% when i first got him a few days ago.
11. How often should i?? i have heard with a filter do a 50% once a month or so....?
12. 2 times a day (3pellets morning, 2 at night... its called Hikari betta bio-gold fish food. is this good?
13. just sunlight or if the light in the room is on for somone using it
14.His top fin appears to be tangled/knotted at the end of it, His bottom fin has developed a small curl in part of it also. I believe the knott occured on the car ride home when i got him (he did not have it when i got him but when i put him in his bowl afterwords i noticed it shortly after.
15-16... Im not sure how to answer these... Its drinking water? he seems happy enough though, He sometimes runs into his reflecton I was told to keep him occupied so i place random shiny objects where he can see them and he seems to be really curious, I tried to get him tofollow my finger... He puffed his gils out and swam away.... He is also starting a bubble nest (thats what its called right?) so im not sure if i should move him when he has one going?
17. The last fish I bought was him and he is alone. I picked him on a whim when I saw them, I felt bad for them in their little plastic containers, He was the livliest the others just kinda hung there ( I almost got one of them because i felt so bad) He was swimming around and attacking his reflection ( I had passed him more than an hour before and he was livley then, with his fins spread out and everything unlike the others) I have not had a fish in 3 to 4 years, and before i had only had goldfish and a frog. I had a goldfish live 1.5 years in the tank I want to move my betta to....

Little-Fizz 07-21-2008 11:16 AM

Ok lets see if I can answer all these without missing any.

YES!!! You have to condition the water.

The filter will be ok for your betta, just adjust flow rate if its to strong.

No need to worry about a co2 system as you have no live plants.

You should change sayy 25% of the water every week.

Your feeding schedule is good, but what your feeding is not very appropriate for your betta, try picking up some specially formulated pellets for bettas.

I don't know if shiny objects are a great idea, because causing your betta to flare constantly can be stressful. Try a ping pong ball!

Your bettas fins are probably 'tangled' due to water quality issues, pick up a water testing kit. I recommend API liquid master test kit.

Ah, he's made a bubble nest! This is good, he is happy! Don't worry about moving him, he'll just build a new one.

And you should move him from direct sunlight for many reasons, but one being it will make your temperature fluctuate a lot, and it promotes algae growth.

okiemavis 07-21-2008 03:16 PM

It's always a good idea to add water conditioner anyway. You want something that neutralizes not just chlorine but also heavy metals. Even if you use well water or something which you know isn't treated, these things can leach into the water from the source or even your pipes.

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