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MRQuad 07-18-2008 11:42 PM

i have questions guys, need help..
i have like, juvenile cichlids.. i fed them with African Cichlid -ATTACK! (that's what it says in the label)

i got one more question..

i have 8 small cichlids in my 38G tank, (my friend will give me his 75G tank before fall)the smallest of the 8 cichlids always got bullied by others.. it's been 2 nighst now, that i haven't seen him/her eating the food that i gave them, he's just hiding.. everytime he tries to grab food, he got bullied, he/she ended up swam away and hide..

what do you think i should do with that little guy? should i put more cichlids so that they will not be more aggressive? or should i put more rocks? for him to hide? but he's/she's not eating at all because, of the others..

please, help me out.. thanks!

SKAustin 07-19-2008 12:21 AM

You could try spot feeding him with a baster or similar device. If there are not enough places for him to seek refuge from the others, then you will want to increase the amount of rock in the tank, or re-scape the rock you have. If the little guy starts to show signs that his overall health is compromised by the treatment from the others, you may want to remove him. place him in quarantine until his health is restored, then reintroduce him into the community. Your best bet at the point of reintroduction is to remove the fish, then all of the rockwork, and do a thorough cleaning. rescape the rocks in a completely new set-up, and introduce the outcast first. give him a half hour or so, then introduce the others. this prevents him from being introduced into their territory, and subsequently reduces the chances of being the target of fierce aggression over territorial issues.

Hope that Helped

MRQuad 07-19-2008 05:32 PM

thanks for the help SKAustin, it's a big help..

anyways, i just bought a rock.. and i didn't know what kind of rock that i bought, it's just attractive to my eye, that is why i bought it.. please, let me know..if this is an ok rock for my aquarium.. or do i have to do a thorough cleaning, like boil them first, or whatever, please tell me..

i ask the guy that look after the rock and he said that they are lime stone..

this is before i wash the stones..

this is after i wash them..

iamntbatman 07-21-2008 12:04 PM

Limestones generally work well with African cichlids because they prefer harder water with a higher pH, which will be the case after the stones have been in your tank for a while. Don't boil the rocks! I generally boil a big pot of water, put all of the rocks in a bucket, and dump the water over them. This will kill off any nasty stuff in the rocks but won't make them explode (like boiling could).

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