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Kim 07-18-2008 06:15 PM

Safe rocks for aquariums
What kind of rocks do you use in your aquariums?? I would like to include some rocks in mine, but don't want to spend $10 or more for a rock at my lfs. Especially when I can find rocks just about anywhere! Can rocks release anything harmful even if they pass the vinegar test? Thank you.

crazy4fish 07-18-2008 06:52 PM

yes, even if the rock passes the vinegar test it could still release toxins. :? actually the vinegar test doesnt usually work... vinegar isnt strong enough. some people say that the product PHdown works better. i havent tried it myself though. you could also put the rocks in a bucket full of water. test the water as soon as you add the rocks and test it again a week later. if nothing has changed then that rock is "aquarium safe". those are the only ways of testing that i know of.

slate and shale are 2 types of rock that are great for aquariums. :D they wont release anything. just make sure you scrub them very well! :wink: DO NOT BOIL THEM. they could explode. :!: if you want you could pour boiling water over the rocks but dont leave them in a pot of boiling water.

most rocks are fine, i just added some 2 my aquarium 2 days ago. just keep an eye on your water parameters for the first week or so and you should be ok! :wink:

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