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ojdewet 07-18-2008 04:32 AM

Help required with pH problem
I require some advice. I do not have a LFS close to my home and I do not readily have access to RO water. I want to use filtered tap water (which is about 99 pure and free of chlorines etc.) but the pH is too high (8.0) for my Amazon tank.

Can I use acid to prepare a pH of around 6.8 (with Hydrochloric Acid) if the KH is 6? I read that with a high KH the water would have too strong buffering capacity and the water would just return to its old pH. Is this KH reading too high?

Alternatively, how effective is it to filter the water through peat moss with bog wood? I have an extra aquarium where I can run my water - if I prepare my water a week in advance for water changes will peat moss and bogwood sufficiently drive down my pH?


Little-Fizz 07-18-2008 09:56 AM

I don't know about your kh question. But I've been looking into lowering pH levels, and peat moss and drift wood are both effective methods of lowering pH, and I intend to use both of them in my tank. Lol sorry but thats about all the advice I can offer :dunno:

Oldman47 07-18-2008 09:31 PM

A KH of 6 is moderately soft so you should be able to get a good response with bog wood or peat to lower the pH.

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