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redpaulhus 07-17-2008 09:45 AM

Hello from Boston
My names Red, and I'm a fishgeek.

I'm currently keeping about 10 freshwater tropical tanks, 1 brackish, and 1 reef.
In the past I've also kept native marine (temperate) aquaria, as well as native freshwater.
I've been keeping fish of one sort or another since I was about 7 years old, and reading everything fish or marine-biology related I could find.
I went to school at Florida Tech, where I majored in Bio Oceanography with an un-official minor in Aquaculture (it wasn't an option, so I just took all of the Aquaculture classes I could !)

Right now I'm keeping some killies, some SA dwarf cichlids, some Lake Tang. cichlids, some West African mouthbrooders (Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi ), some CA cichlids, some goodeids, cherry shrimp, Celestial Pearl Danios, a tank full of non-dwarf SA cichlids (with loaches and catfishes), an Ancistris sp. ,and some sweet Indian mudskippers.

The Ancistris, some of the killies, the CPD's, the shrimps, the P. nicholsi's , and (of course) the shellies + lamps are breeding.
(I feel I don't "breed" my fish - I just keep them happy. They do all the work :D)

Oh, and the list of what I'm keeping may change next week - our club's monthly meeting is next Monday, and its our twice-a-year "buck-a-bag" auction --- so there will be lots of good deals, and I'll be selling off some stock, which means I'll have room for more new fish - so my Tank Blurb needs to wait at least another week :)

other things I'm interested in:
Rainbowfishes (just don't have a spot for them right now, usually keep some).
Live foods (I raise redworms, whiteworms, microworms, daphnia, and V-eels)
At some point I want to try Discus, I just need to wait until I have more time to dedicate to them.

I work part time (weekends) at my local LFS.
I'm an active member of the Boston Aquarium Society.
I'm a former member of the Boston Reefers - working 7 days a week, I just haven't been able to get to meetings.

I also have a dog (German Shepard mix) and multiple ferrets - my wife helps run a ferret shelter, so we have not only our own pet ferrets but also a bunch of "foster ferrets" who need more individual care than they can get in the "group home" format of a shelter. I think right now we have 5 that we own, and 3 fosters (two of which might have become "ours" without my knowledge LOL, the other is in medical hospice care).

oh, and I tend to babble and ramble. :roll:

crazy4fish 07-17-2008 10:24 AM

Hi Red,

Welcome to fishforum! i hope you like it here and enjoy yourself. :wink:

You sure do have a lot of pets on your hands! :shock: i dont know how you find the time for all of them while working 7 days a week! with all that studying you probably have lots of knowledge to share and we cant wait to hear it! it sounds like you have some gorgous fish! we would love to see some pics if you get the chance :D

Your club meetings sound pretty cool. be sure to let us know what kind of fish you get! :blueyay: whats the name of your club?

and on top of all your fish you keep ferrets too? :omg: wow! i love ferrets but right now i have enough animals to worry about so i havent gotten any just yet. its really great that you and your wife take care of the sick ones and help them. i think that would be really fun to do. i have a german shepard mix as well, his name is Buddy. he is the best. whats your dogs name?

well now that i have talked enough (you might have noticed that you arent the only one that rambles :roll: ) i just want to say again i hope you like it here!!!!

okiemavis 07-17-2008 05:48 PM

Hehe- nice to see you in the cyber world!

This guy's an awesome fish resource, he's sold me a lot of my fish! :D

willow 08-01-2008 08:59 AM

hello and welcome, good to have you here. :)

girlofgod 08-01-2008 12:00 PM

wow, you sure have your hands full up in Boston! I didnt even know they had ferret shelters!! LOL i think they're so cute...but back on topic. Welcome to Fish Forum!!! I'm sure you will become an invalued resource!! Looking forward to seeing pics of those tanks!!!

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