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iamntbatman 07-14-2008 10:03 PM

Knight Goby Questions
Well, I'm almost done stocking my 29g. Today I added the trio of pineapple swordtails. That gives me the pair of kribs, the swords, a pair of golden wonder killies, and I'll be adding 5 or so black kuhli loaches.

To round out the lineup, I wanted a single specimen of some sort of interesting fish. For a while I was thinking about some sort of dwarf cichlid like a ram or apisto, but then I stumbled on the badis badis. My LFS put me on the wish list for one but they said it could be quite some time before they got their hands on one (possibly a year).

Soooo... today while picking up the swords I saw that the store actually had a few knight gobies in stock. I've read about this fish before, but never seen them for sale anywhere. Anyone ever kept them? I would want just a single fish since they can be territorial. I've got a sand substrate and about a dozen different caves. I read that if used to freshwater, these fish can be kept in freshwater tanks their whole lives, unlike many other gobies.

iamntbatman 07-16-2008 01:10 PM

C'mon....I know one of you out there is like a Knight Goby breeder or something. Don't be shy!

tophat665 07-22-2008 08:46 PM

Low end brackish, are they not? I wouldn't think they would be compatible with kuhlis in any case. Have you considered peacock gudgeons instead? Pestmart around here (Fair Lakes) is selling them for like $10 each, and I have been told they can be had for $7 or so if you know who to ask/where to look.

iamntbatman 07-26-2008 10:45 PM

Well, my worry with the peacock gudgeons (which I've also considered) is that they're small enough that the killies will go after them. Hmm...other people have told me to avoid the kuhlis as well, since the killies might also go after those. Cories would likely work, but I've already got them in another tank so I wanted to go for a different sort of bottom feeder this time around. Maybe another type of loach?

The knight gobies are usually considered low-end brackish but from what I've read, many people keep theirs in completely fresh water and some even say they live longer in fresh instead of brackish. In any event, I'd definitely ask about the particular gobies in stock at the store before I bought one.

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