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MisticAllie314 07-13-2008 01:38 AM

dwarf gourami aggression
so my male dwarf and female spotted gourami had been living together for like 4 months in a planted 10 gal... abt a month ago i set them up in a filtered through 15 gal... they've always got along great... but since moving to the bigger tank... which is pretty heavily planted hes become somewhat more aggressive towards the spotted female.
He was constantly chasing her, he looked like he was nipping her yet barely touching her (if that makes sense) and he propped himself in a manner that looked like he was trying to embrace her.
Hes never tried to do that or nipped her before other than just the occasional dart and chase. Right now shes in another tank with 2 honey gouramis and they all get along fine.
Should i reintroduce her to my dwarf again after a while or should i try to find him another tankmate?

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