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1077 07-11-2008 08:39 AM

Pond lily in Discus tank.
I was recently shopping at local garden store for some flagstone to decorate an 80 gal. tank that will soon be home for four discus and spyed some pond lilys growing in small containers. I decided I would repot one and try it . I bought a suitable pot WITHOUT a drainage hole filled it two thirds full of a combination of potting soil with no additives and flourite mixed to the consistency of bread dough. I then stuck my finger down in the dough to make ahole for the roots of the lily. Then placed the lily in the hole and filled the pot the rest of the way with small aquarium gravel. I placed the potted lily in a five gallon bucket of old aquarium water and set it out on the front porch to allow any air pocketsor bubbles to escape into the bucket rather than the aquarium. I intended to place it in the aquarium the following day but it took considerably longer to clean the used 80 gal tank I purchased. Two days later I remembered the lily and when I went out to retrieve it I was shocked to find it had went from approx a ten inch plant to almost reaching the top of the bucket. I placed it in the aquarium and it is doing much better than I had hoped. I guess What I am Trying to say is pond plants can also make very interesting aquarium plants too. My discus don't appreciate bright or even moderate light but they love it under the approx four inch leaves of the lily. Who knows even without co2 it might even bloom. :) EDIT discus and lily are in 55 gal at present. Probably be a couple weeks before I can move them in to 80 gal.

onefish2fish 07-29-2008 09:53 PM

right on.. i picked up a bunch of nymphaea lilly bulbs and there currently being soaked.. i just hope they grow :D and root themselves because i have heard they will grow up to the surface of the water within a few days

parakeeto225 04-02-2009 05:59 PM

me too..I just bought them yesterday..Some say they might grown...and some say they just get moss around them..Its been I days now..NERVOUS... :BIGcool:

willow 04-12-2009 04:29 PM

any pictures of how it looks in the tank,
i'm very interested.

daisycutter 04-13-2009 09:25 PM

carefull with nympea species(waterlilly) most grow to a size unsutible for even large aqaria even the well known dwarf nympea rubra will swamp a 30-40 gallon in a matter of months,dont get me wrong there great plants the fish love the gloom they create it seems to make them feel secure but they will cut out large amounts of light and few plants will live below them and they dont fill background very well as most of plant is on the surface

saj1952 05-03-2009 09:09 PM

pond lilly in tanks
Hello all, I'm new here but just wanted to comment about the pond lillies in the aquariums. I set up a small water feature last summer in my back yard with water lillies in it. When fall came I didn't wany my lillies to die so I housed them in and old aquarium the kids had when they were young. Shortly I had noticed little floating creepy things in the tank so I bought a few little feeder fish and put in there. Come Christmas my little neighbor boy wanted some ' goldfish' from Santa, and the little creepy things were gone so I donated them to his Mom. He's to young to realize they aren't goldfish. My lillies however were saved but I missed the fish. So I bought a 38 gallon tank, put the lillies in it and then had to buy some fishes...... mollies and platys. My lillies are now nearly covering the top of the tank, my fishes are mass producing and the fry hid in the lillies and have evidently ALL survived living with the parents!!!! Now I've added more plants more fish and more aquariums!!! All due to trying to save 2 lilly plants.......... it would have been much cheaper to buy 2 more lilly plants for the water feature this summer but not near as much fun!!! I"M HOPELESSLY HOOKED!!!! and loving it!!

Bottomfeeder 05-09-2009 04:26 PM

that would look awesome lol

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