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TexasFish 07-10-2008 01:42 PM

Refugium Plants
I have a 10 gallon refugium that i set up and it has 3 sections. The first 2 are for filtration and the 3rd for the refugium part. Its roughly 5-6 gallons in that section. My question is that i have small gravel as the substrate and am successfully growing many many water whisteria plants in there. I have planted a "pot" of drarf hairgrass which originally left in the green potting material and then just burried that under the gravel, but the grass looked like it was dieng. I pulled it up and broke it into about 4 smaller sections leaving some green material on it so i don't tear up the roots. I spread them out a few inches apart and put 2 root fertilizer tabs in. The light i have is a 15 or 20w coralife 10k daylight with rare earth elements bulb..

My question is is that enough light and is the hairgrass going to grow in that substrate. I have heard from some dwarf hairgrass is hard to grow and on the other hand people have said it is easy to grow???? Not Sure? I have no C02 injection but i think it small enough of a tank that i shouldn't need it right, or is the whisteria stealing it all??? Any suggestions would help!!

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