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KarlS 07-08-2008 08:23 PM

My pleco
Hi everyone,

Last week I bought a nice sized pleco (common pleco is what I think he is rereferred to as), but I don't think he's eating enough. I was under the impression that he was an algie eater and picked him up once I started to see that alot of algie was starting to grow. A week has passed now and I see no difference in the amount of algie I actually think that i see more since then. I been doing some research and I've heard that once they reach a certain size they stop eating algie and you have to start feeding them vegetable matter, is this true? If it is what are the veggies I'm supposewd to be feeding him.. ? I'd like this guy or gal to be happy healthy and reach his full potential size...

iamntbatman 07-09-2008 01:16 AM

You read right. His staple should be a good algae wafer. I like Wardley. Plecos will also enjoy other types of sinking pellets like shrimp pellets. You can also supplement his diet with vegetables. Spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and zucchini are good choices. You can either feed it to him raw or you can blanch it to help it sink. If he's shy about swimming higher up in the tank, you might want to try the blanching method or weigh down the raw food so he can get to it. Depending on what other fish you've got, they might enjoy the vegetables too. If you do have other fish that will munch on the veggies, feel free to let them in on it but you should also take care to put some vegetables in right before you turn out the tank lights for the night. The pleco will be able to find them in the dark while your other fish are sleeping. long has the pleco been in the tank? My clown pleco is a pretty decent algae eater but it took him a few days before he really started to go to town on it. Common plecos (especially bigger ones) aren't known to be as good algae eaters even as clowns, but he still might be just a little shy.

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