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aunt kymmie 07-08-2008 07:44 PM

black sand- TMS or Flourite??
Okay....finally getting ready to put in the substrate.
(I can't believe how loooong it is taking me to put this tank together!)

Between these two choices:

CaribSea Tropic Isle Tahitian Moon Sand
Seachem Flourite Black Sand

Which would be best? I plan on having cories, loaches and some cats.
Also, I want a planted tank.

Pros & Cons??
ALL advice & opinions appreciated!

aunt kymmie 07-09-2008 10:56 AM

Anybody have an opinion on this :?: :?:
Getting ready to purchase it and would really
like some opinions.
Also, can the two be mixed the two together??

Little-Fizz 07-09-2008 12:40 PM

I don't know much about either one of these sands, but I did a little research and they sound the exact same. The only difference being that the seachem flourite apparently clouds your water really bad a first. But they both work on planted aquaria. I think the carib sea tropic also said "perfect for growing plants when combined with an underlayer of plant substrate" and it also says to avoid use when you have burrowing fish. A lot of loaches burrow so be careful.

I'm leaning more towards the seachem because I have yet to read any negatives on it besides the clouding of water. And it works for plants without the plant substrate. But really, its your call.

Not sure what you mean if they can be mixed... As in mixing both of the sand together?

I've never had a tank with sand in it (Its my next project though so you should keep updates on your experiences with it) So I can't really list the pros and cons, other then it looks great, and sand works best for the types of fish you want... I believe the only concern with sand is little dead spots, that can be avoided durning water changes if you stir the sand around a bit and allow circulation through it. I'm not sure if this is just in saltwater tanks though? Someone will have to help you out with that, because I'm not 100% sure.

aunt kymmie 07-09-2008 01:37 PM

Thank you so much for your response!
The little research I did came up with the same points you note, but I wanted to be sure I didn't miss something.
I think
the Caribsea *sparkles* a little more than the Seachem,
which is why I was wondering if you could mix the two together.
I can purchase the Seachem locally but if I want the Caribsea
I'm going to have to order it on line. Not sure I really want to pay shipping on enough sand to fill a 100 gal.

What is meant by putting an underlayer of plant substrate under the sand? I thought sand will fall through
whatever is underneath it??

The stirring of the sand during water changes will not be a big deal for me. One of the biggest draws for me in
maintaning this aquarium will be taking care of it.
I love to take care of my animal companions....just ask my two dogs, two cats and my parrot. That's also the big bonus in
regards to the fish; they don't bark, whine, howl or squawk at me!

Little-Fizz 07-09-2008 01:48 PM

Yeah, I read that the caribsea sparkled too, I'm not sure on mixing the two together, I wouldn't really bother. Either way, black sand looks sick.

If you can get seachem locally then I would just get that. Then you don't have to worry about this underlayer, that I am still researching myself because I too have heard that sand will just fall through. I believe its just some kind of layer of organic material to help feed the plants. But once I figure it out I will post again.

Lol yeah, I really like the fish hobby because I get to take care of all my little pets and they never make a sound :wink:

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