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StevenConrad 07-05-2008 06:42 PM

Hours of lighting...
I am new to the saltwater world and just got my light fixture. It's a 30" Current Dual Satellite with Dual Daylight 6,700K/10,000K and Dual Actinic 420 nanometer and 460 nanometer bulbs.
Both bulbs are 65Watt, 130 Watts total.
It's a 29 gallon tank, currently only houses one hammer coral, a royal gramma, and a marroon clown(might not be a permenant resident)

Anyhow, my question is how long should I light my tank? I am going to purchase two cheap timers from walmart. One for each light, I'll keep the lunar LED on at all times.
I just need to know how many hours to set the timers for. I would like to achieve a somewhat "Dusk/Dawn" effect having the actinic bulb coming on maybe an hour before the other bulb and turning off an hour after...

Thanks for all your help, I hope I explained this well enough!

SKAustin 07-06-2008 07:15 AM

While I cant really give much input on what's "proper", I can give you an idea based on the lighting schedule I've chosen to employ.

07:00 - Actinics on/LED Moonlights off
09:00 - Daylights on
19:00 - Daylights off
21:00 - Actinics off/LED Moonlights on

Ive kept that schedule since the start of my 55g reef last February.

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