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klosxe 07-05-2008 05:36 PM

Any Sugestions??
Hey everyone. I have been in the hobby for 3 years. I have 1 29gallon freshwater planted/community tank. It currently has a full auto co2 injection system on it, along with a 165 watt Orbit Compact Florescent light on it. Other hardware I have on my tank include the largest Emperor Filter they build, and a Submariner UV sterilizer. I have a pair of platinum angelfish, 6 scissortail rasboras, 6 brillant rasboras, 2 corys, and 3 otos. I have a lot of plants including eelsweed, Amazon Sword, Java Fern, and some other plants that I haven't identified yet. If you have any ideas in how I could improve my tank, please let me know. :D

jeaninel 07-05-2008 06:09 PM

Welcome to Fishforum. Nice Platinums.

I would probably add a plain background, either black or blue.

okiemavis 07-05-2008 06:20 PM

Since you've got such a nice setup with lighting and co2 you can add some trickier red plants like Eusteralis stellata or Ammania senegalensis. I'd also add a foreground plant like dwarf baby tears or pygmy chain sword. Ooh, and some driftwood and cool moss like flame moss.

beweeb 07-05-2008 09:32 PM

yea driftwood would look great

1077 07-06-2008 01:07 AM

Your tank looks great! I too would consider a medium size piece of driftwood as center piece. How long have you had Angelfish? I ask because The emperor 400 is I believe, the largest of that type filter and in a 29 gal. would create quite a lot of water movement which Angelfish may not appreciate. It might limit their movement somewhat. They are beautiful fish and you have a very nice setup. :D

willow 07-06-2008 05:57 AM

very nice tank,and the Angels are beautiful.
thing i would do is like said a backing,and move that grey thing
to one side,so it's not so on show.
also agree about the bog wood.

klosxe 07-06-2008 11:27 AM

Emperor Filter
I have the Emperor Filter set to the lowest setting, and have more media than the Size E filter pad in it, to slow down the water movement. I haven't yet purchased a background or driftwood because where I live, there is only 1 Tropical fish store in the entire city!! It isn't the best one I've ever seen either... I've been hoping that they would get some reasonable driftwood and background in stock, I'd rather not have to pay shipping on an internet order that small. I know that are ways to make wood you find aquarium safe, but I have yet to find any good ideas on how I could safely add home-found driftwood and not kill my fish. :)

willow 07-06-2008 12:51 PM

ahh shame the store is not too good.
you could always make your own backing.
paint some brown parcel paper and after it has dried you could
stick it to the back.
(i like cheap stuff,that's what i did)
can't help about the collecting of wood,hopefully someone else
has an idea.

iamntbatman 07-06-2008 02:02 PM

You can also paint the back of your aquarium with black or dark blue acrylic paint. It will scrape right off with a razorblade if you ever want to use the tank for something else.

klosxe 07-06-2008 04:23 PM

I went to the store today and guess what, they had a blue backing that would fit my tank. :) I'll send pics later. They also had 1 piece of good driftwood, but i had them order more. Thanks for the input guys. :)

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