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kender42 07-03-2008 07:52 PM

what kind of base
Ok so I am planning on purchasing a ten gallon tank for my crowntail goldfish (this is the biggest tank I can get so don't nag me on it being to small) but I mainly wanted to know what kind of base to get. Also what kind of decorations. The little info pamphlet said that the small grain gravel is better but I wasn't sure which kind that was. I also heard that just a little driftwood is the best decor. Is this true? This is my first goldfish so I have know idea what I'm doing. I was also wondering what kind of fish I could get to keep with my fish. I don't want him to be all alone in that big tank. Would more goldfish be the best choice? I should warn you I'm not planning on getting a heater because goldfish can live at room temperature in my house (~70 degrees) so I kinda need a fish that can live at that temp. All help is appreciated! Thanks!


okiemavis 07-03-2008 09:41 PM

While goldfish are social creatures and do best with other goldfish, I would not add any more to this tank (or any other kind of fish). Ammonia poisoning is more painful than loneliness :(

The stand should be something sturdy and level. As for decorations, get a few different things for him to hide in- ones that have soft edges are best.

Substrate doesn't really matter for goldfish, so get whatever you like/is cheapest. Small gravel (about .2-.5 cm) is probably the easiest to maintain. Food gets stuck under larger gravel and is hard to vacuum up and sand is messy and has all sorts of other problems. Here's an idea of something that would work well:

tophat665 07-05-2008 09:45 AM

Were I going with goldfish, I would go with white gravel over a reverse undergravel filter in a 55 to 125 gallon tank, a canister filter, a pair of double well waterfalls (Aqua-clear or Emperor) and a couple of airstones.

A 10 gallon is half the size of the smallest tank I would put a goldfish in. If you want to go with a minimal set up, a single goldfish in a 20 over white gravel with a RUGF, a single well waterfall, and a pair of airstones would work.

Sorry to nag in contradiction of you post, but a 20 is not hard to find, is not much more expensive than a 10, and is probably the difference between a goldfish dying young and living 20 years.

kender42 07-05-2008 01:52 PM

The problem is I don't have room for anything bigger than a ten. My mom already is uneasy about going that big. (I'm turning the house into a zoo...I already have two gerbil cages and two dogs plus the little tank my goldfish is in now) So even though it's not that much more expensive a twenty is not an option. I feel bad for the little guy I really do otherwise I wouldn't be saving up all my allowance to buy him a bigger house. I have another question: I have been feeding my goldfish Tetrafin goldfish flakes three times a day (one flake in the morning and at lunchtime and two at dinnertime) because that's basically what the package told me to do. My question is this: He seems to be creating alot of waste and having trouble getting it out (the poo hangs out of his rear for a while before it falls) is this normal? Should I get him different food? I tried to feed him some lettuce once but he didn't eat it. Other than this he seems pretty healthy. He's got some scaring from his bought of fin rot but other than that he's fine. I just want to know if this is a bad sign or if this is a normal goldfish thing. Thanks!


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