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MisticAllie314 07-02-2008 12:45 PM

fin wound... will it grow bak?
lately my female spotted gourami has been a bit testy with my male dwarf gourami who has become more playful than usual recently. They chase eachother, swim together, and eat together with no aggression. But sometimes when my male chases her she becomes annoyed and nips him and swims away... he doesnt appear to care when she does this... he'll just leave her alone after that usually.
But today i woke up and saw a small nic taken out of his bottom fin! :shock: He was acting fine so i dont know if it hurts... but he was swimming with her just fine. Anyways... I decided to take her out of the tank with him and put her in with my two honey gouramis for now... they seem to just leave her alone and vice versa.

Now my male is alone in his 15 gal :( ... i put some melafix in there becuz that seems to work wonders for my older betta who's fins someimtes get a little raggity at the ends.

I just want to know... do you think my male gourami should be ok? And will that part of his fin grow back? And if it should... how long does that normally take.

Sorry for all the questions :oops:

Flashygrrl 07-02-2008 03:46 PM

Just keep the water quality in tip top shape and you shouldn't have any problems.

NirV 07-06-2008 02:52 PM

All fish can grow fins back as long as there is no infection, which is prevented through water quality as said above. I once purchased a silvertip tetra in a large group that evaded my usually tight quality control which was missing its tail and much of the caudal peduncle. It regrew within two weeks and the fish spawned at a later stage :)

MisticAllie314 07-08-2008 11:18 PM

thanks for the info guys! my water quality is in tip top shape and discus is actually fully healed! yay!
i tried re-introducing my female again... and now i know why he got bit. He chases her all over non stop... and moves on his side like hes trying to have an embrace... do you think this could be because my male is ready to mate and my female doesnt want to? I mean they're too dif types of gourami so i dont know... sometimes he begins to make bubble nests but then stops and doesnt finish the job...

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