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chop63 06-30-2008 03:45 PM

cloudy water
hi all new member here.hopeing someone can help with my problem.i have a 125 gallon fresh water tank,with 2 bala sharks,2 corys 1 beta,1swordtail ,4 giant danos,2 tigerbarbs,3 blackskirts,14 neons,2 algae eaters,1 placo,3 red tip sharks.when we got the tank we used 2 60 gallon filters .the water stayed cloudy.we did water changes and media changes still cloudy water.i heard about the rena canister filters,nothing but good one,for 2 months now,an i still have cloudy water.everything is like its suppose to be,an its impossible to get any help thru the company.any help would be greatly appreciated.oh its an xp3 rena canister filter

okiemavis 06-30-2008 04:45 PM

Are you now using just the rena filter or all three? I don't know the age/size of any of your fish, so I can't really make a definitive judgment, but you'll want all the tank water filtered over at least 4 times an hour. Each of those filters should come with a GPH (gallons per hour) rating, which will give you the information necessary to calculate how often your tank water is being cycled through the filter.

The cloudy water is most likely the cause of ammonia and nitrite buildup, either from overfeeding, overstocking, lack of maintenance or improper cycling.

What are your exact ammonia, nitrite and nitrate readings?

chop63 06-30-2008 05:02 PM

Established tank, all levels are good. Bala's are the oldest fish at 1 1/2 year. They are about 8 inches so far. Water changes are done regularly, over-feeding is NOT the problem, (if anything, I underfeed) and over crowding is NOT a issue either. I am more concerned with the with particles that are NOT leaving the tank.

chop63 06-30-2008 05:09 PM

sorry i forgot to add im just using the rena xp filter thanks for you r help on this

okiemavis 06-30-2008 06:02 PM

Well, I really do need the exact numbers on your water parameters. Also, are you using liquid or test strips?

The XP3 only filters 350 GPH, I know it's rated to tanks 175 gallons, but it's really not enough filtration for my liking. I'd recommend adding back the other two filters.

Also, when you changed filters, did you keep the same filter media? Otherwise you lost the majority of the beneficial bacteria in your tank, which would cause your tank to go through a mini-cycle.

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