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shortymet55 06-30-2008 10:54 AM

Easy Breeder for 29 Gallon
I have a 29g tank that needs more fish. Currently it has 3 swordtails, 4 Rasboras, and a Chinese Algae Eater (Im probably going to give him to a lfs). Anyways, I want another type of fish (eggs, I dont have room for more livebearers), which are easy to breed, and will fit in my tank. Another possibility is for me to also put 9 Cardinal Tetras in the 29 Gallon, then Ill have a 10 gallon tank for fry until they can be safe in my larger tank or be sold. So, suggestions.


world_wide_will 06-30-2008 11:04 AM

I would say some surface fish or you could try a planted tank to take up some space! You will soon find out you wount get much $ for you fish unles you expand your breeding set up which I dont think you want to do. I would stop taking the fry out og the 29gal and see how many survive in the future. It sounds bad but you'll find that your left with the strongest and fastest fry which you can then take them out and feed them a good diet of flake and brine shrimp and sell or trade with a lfs or save and countinue breeding your tough strain of swords!

shortymet55 06-30-2008 12:04 PM

Actually, the 29g is brand new, which is why its basically empty. My swords have bred already (in the 10g), but the mother and father died, so the 3 I have now are brother/sister. The way I did it before was let them go and see which survive. Im not really looking to make money, im want them to breed just because I think it will be interesting. Im just saying I can use the 10 if it a type of fish that will certainly eat all its babies. And also, is the planted tank (or will be). I have some small plant that I just bought, so they will eventually grow out. THanks

shortymet55 06-30-2008 12:43 PM

Here are some picture, so you can see what im working with. They are real plants, so I'm expecting them to grow in. Then once they are sorta big, I'm gonna reposition them. Right now there basically just stuck down there to grow. I also don't have a background yet, so you can see my wall painting.

Is it ok to take picture with the flash? I turned it off at first, but the camera did this weird brightening thing and so they all look like junk. I tool a few with flash, I hope the fish are effected. Wee Bit Pregnant Tiny Sword Really needs plants to grow

Forgot to mention, Im adding some slate and maybe some bogwood, once I find them. Hopefully soon. I have java moss thats sitting on the gravel, so once i get the slate, its going on there.

shortymet55 06-30-2008 01:14 PM

How many Kribs would fit? Ill add a few caves if I have too.

shortymet55 06-30-2008 09:45 PM

I changed my tank around a bit. I put the java moss on some slate to grow on and I bought some wood to put in the middle. Now, a slate cave or two, more plants, then fish, and the tank will be ready.

world_wide_will 06-30-2008 10:04 PM

Sounds like its going great. When the plants fill up the tank it will look great! God work! YOur fish will love it. And I think you should try and raise some fry in the 10 gal. You could use them for some more fish and to trade for some of the supplies you need. Fish look great! Have fun and good luck :D

shortymet55 07-01-2008 09:56 PM

iamntbatman 07-02-2008 01:33 AM

In a 29 gallon tank, I certainly wouldn't want to try more than a single breeding pair of kribs. However, if you can't buy a mated pair, you could buy a small mixed group of males and females and once a pair forms return the others. I lucked out with my kribs, which were bought young enough to be unsexable but ended up becoming a pair. They will get more aggressive once they start breeding so more than just the pair of kribs will result in dead fish. The other fish you have in the tank should make good dither fish and I'd advise you to keep them in there. I doubt they pose any serious threat to any potential krib fry, but they're threatening enough to force the krib parents to work together as a team to keep their young safe. I've read a good number of accounts of the parents turning on one another if there weren't other fish in the aquarium to chase away.

My kribs spawned in mid May and the fry are getting quite large now. Last week they laid more eggs but I had to remove them because I didn't want two groups of fry in the same tank. In other words, these are some pretty prolific fish.

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