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jamesrap 06-29-2008 09:24 AM

Aqua One Tanks
Hi folks.

I started on an Aqua one tank if any one knows what they are.

Mine had a light built in and i got a free heater froim the shop i got it at.

I used the heater and it developed a malufunction andhave no idea what happend.

I then moved to ordinary gold fish.

I have 2 ordinary gold fish and 1 bigger gold fish which is golden and greyish it looks white to me anyways.

I dont no the names of them.

I have gravel in the bottom and its aquarium gravel.

Being on a low budget I feed the fish on tetra fin flakes and use the aqua pelets. I use the pelets in the morning and flakes at night.

Ive bought some Tetra Aqua easy balance but Ive heard bad things about it on this site.

Ive also recently purchased another tank from the same shop so if any one wants a heater lol. I am certain it was something i was doing wrong that caused the malfunction in the equipment.

Ther new tank has nothing in at the moment and is left on so I can complete the cycle.

Any ideas on what i can do next?

james481 06-29-2008 12:11 PM

I guess I'm not sure exactly what you're asking, but a couple of notes / suggestions:

An empty tank will not cycle on it's own, there has to be something in the tank producing waste that the beneficial bacteria will grow on. There are several ways of doing this, both with and without fish in the tank. One popular method (at least around here) is the "cocktail shrimp cycle", in which you throw one cooked cocktail shrimp into the tank and wait until ammonia and nitrite levels return to zero (probably 8 weeks or so). I've not done this, but some people say it works well.

I don't have any experience keeping goldfish, but many here say that they require a very large tank to live in, mostly due to the waste they produce. You may want to do a little more research to ensure that you're providing a home appropriate for the species you wish to house (you didn't mention how large your tank is).

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