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southafrica1001 06-28-2008 01:15 AM

fertiliser ??
i just bought some gravel that is for plants and is the fertilizer type gravel. it says i shouldn't wash it before adding it to the tank as it will lose some nutrients do you agree? also it says to put a layer of washed gravel over the top, do i need to do this?
i found a co2 unit but was advised not to get it as they might not get the canister refills an time soon so i could be stuck with one canister, however if i was to buy it and the canister ran out, do you think i could use a bottle with the yeast, sugar, water etc as a substitute?

okiemavis 06-29-2008 11:04 AM

If this is a pressurized co2 unit then you can't use the DIY in it, as it won't create enough pressure. However, you should be able to get a refill of a co2 canister at a local paintball supply store- it's the same exact thing, and probably cheaper.

southafrica1001 06-30-2008 01:00 AM

ok thanks :D ill look around for refills and if i can find something then ill buy the kit. thats the only problem with my lfs, its the best one arund but they dont always get stock in on time. :?

klosxe 07-06-2008 11:39 AM

In such a small aquarium, unless you are stuffing the tank with plants, I personally don't think you need any CO2 injections. If you have a nice number of fish, they should breathe out enough CO2 for your plants. If you really want to add CO2 into your tank, I would suggest that you add the Flourish that adds a basic carbon. I am not sure on the specific title, I think it is maybe Excel.

herefishy 07-06-2008 11:49 AM

I am currently doing an experiment with CO2 in a small 10g tank. I have found that the adjustments having to be made, even the smallest change fluctuates the water parameters tremendously.

Does CO2 help a 10g tank? We'll see.

klosxe 07-06-2008 12:02 PM

CO2 in such a small tank??
In my opinion, you have too small a tank to need CO2. If you do want to inject CO2, you will really need to regulated what you put in and watch you ph levels.

southafrica1001 07-07-2008 12:39 AM

thanks everyone, ill wait and see how much growth i have, i also wanted to use to reduce algae growth ( i know it can be stopped other ways and the plants will help but im paranoid aout it), im not to sure about the numbers of fish ill be keeping, it might not be alot, but if you guys think its not worth it then ill wait and see :D thanks

klosxe 07-07-2008 12:50 PM

No problem
Just remember that there will always be some algae. you will never be able to get rid of it all. Since they use nutrients similar to plants, they will always keep coming back again and again. Good Luck :)

herefishy 07-07-2008 03:28 PM

Re: CO2 in such a small tank??

Originally Posted by klosxe
In my opinion, you have too small a tank to need CO2. If you do want to inject CO2, you will really need to regulated what you put in and watch you ph levels.

??? What do you base this on?

I am not a BIG user of CO2, but I can tell its advantages in my tanks. I currently have 42 plant only(pretty much) tanks and all are CO2 injection. The system is on timers and the plants are doing great.

I've been in this hobby a l lloooonnnggg time and have just started using CO2 in the past few years. I find that it does have its advantages and can be costly to set up. However, your plants and the lack of algae growth can be worth it to some. Wit ha good fertilizer regimen you can have a tank that is a masterpiece.

klosxe 07-07-2008 04:05 PM

CO2 reply
I have owned a fish hobby shop for over 30 years and have found through past experience that if you correctly stock a tank that is smaller that, oh 20 gal, the plants will do just as well without CO2 injection as without. I agree that CO2 will help plants grow, because that is what they use to photosynthesis, or take in Co2 and "breathe" out oxygen. The fish do the opposite, and thus naturally the plants provide oxygen for the fish and the fish provide CO2 for the plants. I feel that, while CO2 will help, there are cheaper alternatives than a 300$ CO2 injection system that will do the same thing if you really want to add CO2 to a tank that, in my opinion, doesn't need any additional CO2 if any. There are cheap replaceable CO2 systems for 30 or so $, or you could hook up a paintball gun canister. I think that in such a small tank, Flourish Excel would provide all of the basic carbon that your plants would need, and that wouldn't be over kill like a full auto CO2 system would be, plus it would be a lot cheaper. Once again, That is my personal opinion and I have had many gorgeous 10 gallon planted tanks that used no additional CO2 other than what the fish breathed out. I must disagree with your last statement that injecting CO2 will prohibit or decrease algae growth. I think that it makes no difference weather there is or isn't CO2 to the algae. Sorry if there was any miss-understanding.

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