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Lonewolfblue 06-25-2008 10:02 AM

Your Pet Info....
Here's mine.....

Your dog's name: Betty
Breed:ACD (Australian Cattle Dog)
fav. toy:Tug Rope
out/in: both
tricks that (s)he knows:sit, whitch hand, fetch, wrong way (Keeps her from wrapping long line around a tree).
birthday:Unknown, approx. March 2006
coat color:Blue Mottle
where you got him/her:Spokane Humane Society
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: Approx. 1-1.5 year old
What food does (s)he eat:Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula
IS (s)he create trained:yes
What habbits does (s)he have:Charges at other dogs on leash.
regesterd name:Not registered, but sent in for AKC ILP, under the name Betty.

Your dog's name: Nell
Breed:Rough Coat Border Collie
fav. toy:Ball
out/in: both
tricks that (s)he knows:Sit, kisses, hugs (jumps up with paws on each of your shoulder).
birthday:May 21, 2007
coat color:Black and White
where you got him/her:A gal from Gold Bar, WA that needed to rehome her, she got Nell from a breeder.
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: 1 year
What food does (s)he eat:Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula
IS (s)he create trained:yes
What habbits does (s)he have:Barks at everyone and everything that walks by the fence in the front yard.
regesterd name:Whiteroad Nell, ABCA and soon to be also AKC.

Cody 06-25-2008 10:47 AM

For my dog:

Your dog's name: Maya
Breed: Australian Shepard
Gender: Female
fav. toy: Either her Elephant/Camel Squeaky toy, or her Tug-of-war rope.
out/in: Both
tricks that (s)he knows: Sit, Lay Down, Handshake, Play dead (put your hand as a gun and say bam; she falls over on her back and puts her paws in the air), Up (when you actually want her up), and working on Roll-over.
birthday: April 14, 2006
coat color:Blue Merle
where you got him/her: Australian Shepard breeder
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: A few months
What food does (s)he eat: If I saw it I would know it
IS (s)he create trained: Yes
What habbits does (s)he have: Jumps on people when excited; runs to "play" with other dogs while outside.
regesterd name: Maya

iamntbatman 06-25-2008 12:44 PM

Your dog's name: Oscar
Breed: Beagle
Gender: Male
fav. toy: Really annoying sound-making stuffed monkey
out/in: Indoors
tricks that (s)he knows: He can stare at you pretty good. Seriously...he's dumb as bricks.
birthday: We don't know!
coat color: Mostly brown with some white on his chest, tummy and tail.
where you got him/her: My mom was a dog groomer, and the former owners took him in to get a good bath and abandoned him there.
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: One year old.
What food does (s)he eat: We vary his diet because he's so picky.
IS (s)he create trained: Yes! Thankfully.
What habbits does (s)he have: He steals your seat every time you get up to do anything. He likes to sit next to you and stare at you while you do anything else. Sometimes he goes bonkers and runs down the front hall, back into the living room and jumps up onto the couch and repeats. He barks the whole time he does this.
regesterd name: Um...Oscar?

Your dog's name: Brownie
Breed: Mutt... we think he's a beagle/doberman mix
Gender: Male
fav. toy: Oscar
out/in: Indoors
tricks that (s)he knows: Sit, handshake, lay down, speak, up, down, you can tell him to go away and he will, he's good at catching tennis balls but is scared of frisbees
birthday: October 1 (he's about 14 now)
coat color: Doberman with brown edges
where you got him/her: The neighbors rescued him from the pound, and we took him when they moved out of the country.
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: 3
What food does (s)he eat: Anything that will fit in his mouth. Usually Pedigree for old dogs
IS (s)he create trained: Nope
What habbits does (s)he have: He's super lazy, except for when Oscar gets excited about something. Also sometimes he imagines things outside the house and decides to bark at them. He LOVES people and goes nuts whenever someone new comes in the house. He snores like nobody's business.
regesterd name: Brownie, I believe.

Both of our dogs can only go outdoors on a leash, because they both think they're ace hunting dogs and will sniff down whatever critters are outside (or imagined). They will dig to get out of a fenced in area in order to chase animals, so leashes are a must for both dogs.

It'sJames 06-25-2008 12:49 PM

My Aussie,

Your dog's name: Pokie
Breed: Australian Shepard
Gender: Female
fav. toy: Her stainless steel food dish, which she would chase for hours if you would continue to throw it. I'd think it would hurt to catch it...? She'll play with any ball, any rope, or any kind of household item that you've told her she could have.
out/in: Both
tricks that (s)he knows: All her manners - heel, sit, drop (lie down), leave it/them, come, get out, wait, ect. Roll over, twirl, watch, catch, up (stands on back legs and twirls), "go get ___". Too many agility commands to count.
birthday: July 23, 2005
coat color: Red Merle w/ tan & white points
where you got him/her: Overland's, a breeder in Kentucky
how old (s)he was when you got him/her: 7m
What food does (s)he eat: um... Iams?
IS (s)he create trained: Yup
What habbits does (s)he have: Occasionally jumps on people who she's excited to see. Won't back down once another dog stares at her, barks, or gets too close to me. Dominant personality.....
regesterd name: Overlan's In Polkadot Pursuit

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