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MisticAllie314 06-24-2008 12:22 PM

operation clean-up!
ok so my good friend's mother has this fish tank... and i actually looked at it the other day.... its like in the corner of the house and i dont go over often. It is filthy. There's thick layers of algae on the walls and on the substrate.
She said she really hasnt been caring for the tank much and when the last fish dies (theres only one) shes getting rid of it =(
So I asked her if i could clean it just cuz I feel so sorry for this fish and i can't keep it. Btw iuno wut kinda fish it is but it was living with 2 angels.... in a 15 gal!!!
No wonder the poor angels died =(
So my plan is to scrub the algae, syphon the waste in the substrate, and do a 50% water change... do you think thats too much? Will it shock the fishy? I just feel like it'll have to be at least 50% because the water is old and nasty... i dont kno how that fish lives i think she just adds water as it evaporates.... im scared to check the parameters lol

1077 06-24-2008 12:33 PM

:) I would not do it all at once. Perhaps 30 percent water change, then wait a week and clean the glass and perform another 30 percent water change. The following week I would vaccum the bottom and do another 30 percent water change. Hopefully this will not bother the fish too much. Once tank is clean then regular weekly maint. will be needed to keep it that way. OOPS! almost forgot Filter will need replaced before cleaning and maybe afterwards. Probably enough bacteria in the tank that it should not cause any problem. Hope some of this helps.

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