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Jessica 06-21-2008 08:14 PM

Restocking question - 30 gal.

I am looking for something new and fun to add to my tank.

Right now, I have 6 mollies, and they aren't my favorite type of fish... But they are rescues, so I don't want to get rid of them.

Any ideas of how many / what I should add to this tank?

bettababy 06-21-2008 11:17 PM

That will greatly depend on your stocking ratio of male & female in the mollys. If you have both male and female, it might be a good idea to either seperate them or prepare for lots and lots of baby fish... and in which case I wouldn't suggest adding any other fish.
My last venture with spawning mollys, I started with 7 adults (2 males/5 females) and within 3 - 4 months, I had over 200 fish. The only way to prevent that from happening and still keep the adults safe is to seperate males and females from each other.
If you have all one sex, let us know and we can then help list some options for you.

iamntbatman 06-21-2008 11:22 PM

Another option could be to add fish that will eat your molly fry. That might be a challenge in a 30g tank, however.

bettababy 06-21-2008 11:25 PM

In a larger tank that could maybe work, but not in a 30 gallon while still preserving the adults.

Jessica 06-23-2008 10:20 AM

I have one female.

Until last week I had a loach who kept the baby population down, but I returned him so he doesn't out grow the tank.

For a while I had glass catfish which I love :love: However they had a fairly high mortality rate :cry: I would love to get these again. Any tips on keeping them alive?

How about this:

Move the mollies (will petstores buy them back?)
4 glass catfish
3 ghost shrimp
3 those translucent fish that look like hatchetfish

bettababy 06-23-2008 12:05 PM

For starters, if only 1 out of 6 mollys is female, then you'll surely want to either get rid of her or seperate her from the males. 1 female with a group of 5 males is an early death for that female. The males will exhaust her to death trying to breed. In the future, when keeping livebearing fish, the ratio should be 2 or more females for each male.

Not all pet stores will take fish back... and while some may take them, they often don't offer any money for them. The only thing we can suggest there is to call and ask.

Your new stocking idea should work out just fine provided it has plenty of decorations to help break up territory and allow the glass cats a lot of hiding places. Glass cats stress very very easy, and that is one reason they can be difficult to keep. They also prefer a larger school of their own kind, although I have seen it work with 3 - 5 of them in a tank, provided they have no predators with them and water params are good, stress is accounted for, etc.
If you wish to go with that stocking idea, my suggestion would be to start with the glass cats, then allow 2 - 3 wks before adding the hatchet fish, and then finally the shrimp a few wks later. By breaking up the additions with a 2 - 3 wk gap between species, this will avoid overwhelming waste levels that would wipe out everything if they are added all at once.
The only other fish I can think other than a species of hatchet you're thinking of, would be indian glass fish... and those I would not mix with glass cats. You might want to try black wing hatchet fish, who have more of a transparent appearance than most other hatchets... they stay small and are peaceful. Indian glass fish can get a bit nippy, and they would require the same territory as the glass cats, which could cause a conflict. Both of those types of fish are mid dwelling. The black wing hatchets are upper level, which resolves most conflict issues right there.

iamntbatman 06-23-2008 01:41 PM

If you're going for a see-through type setup, you could try X-ray tetras (Pristella maxillaris) instead of the Indian Glass fish or hatchets. They're generally peaceful and although they will travel to the bottom levels, they spend more time in the middle and up top.

Jessica 06-23-2008 02:53 PM

Ok, thanks for the info/ideas.

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