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maymo70hunt 06-21-2008 12:19 AM

Wondering about anemone compatibility and my lighting system
Hi, I'm getting a 28 gallon Nano Cube very soon. In the past I've had three saltwater fish tanks... All of which were ended in Hurricane Katrina. But I digress... I'm not completely blind to reef tanks is my point. I am unclear if a 150w HGI lighting system can handle certain anemones for various clownfish shelters. Please let me know which anemones can or cannot handle my soon-to-be system. Thanks.

Oh, and for those of you who are curious, I had a 30, 24 and 75 gallon tank. I decided to go with the Nano because of its simplicity and sump-free setup.

Cody 06-21-2008 01:26 PM

Wait a minute. The lighting should be able to house most anems that dont grow too big, but I am worried about the tank itself. The Nano Cube HQI has known to run very hot; often 81 degrees without the lights on. You will need to invest in a chiller if you decide to go that route.

For something "easier" that is an AIO with Metal Halide, look into the 24G Aquapod with the 150W Sunpod. I know a website in which sells it for $299.99, and you can get a stand for about $70. Still less than the HQI with the loss of only 4G.

And to your question, you can try a Condy anemone, but Clowns may not host that. A Bubble-tip gets way too large for both tanks. Other options that Clowns will host are corals with long fingers, such as Hammer Coral, Frogspawn, Pulsing Xenia, and the like. IMO, they look better than anemones too, and you wont have to worry about feeding.

MattD 06-21-2008 09:55 PM

Pulsing Xenia may quickly become a pest in your tank, although it is an attractive species, I couldn't see myself getting fed up with it. You can always just remove what you don't want and possibly get credit, but some LFSs won't take it.

Frogspawn are gorgeous, I've had 4 heads in my tank for a while now and they grow nicely and are impressive to see bloomed. I agree that they will also be easier to maintain and I generally discourage anemone keeping as it is.

Most AIO tanks do generally have trouble with overheating - you can counter this by getting a chiller or designing your own cooling system. I suggest you do one or the other, to be honest.

Good luck!! :D :D

maymo70hunt 06-23-2008 06:05 PM

Just Replying...
Here's the thing, when I had my other Nano, nothing went wrong from overheating and no one even mentioned to me that that was a problem. I guess I'll have to make some decisions reguarding anemones.

Any problems with having more than one species of Clown in 1 tank? IF so, lemme know. Also any suggestions on coral and fish that do nicely with the set-up we're discussing are appreciated. Just let me know anything you know that will do nicely. Oh, this should help with your suggestions... I am building a reef/fish tank, NOT a fish only; so, all peaceful fish, coral and inverts. (Nothing that is known to be even mildy aggresive.)

Cody 06-23-2008 06:41 PM

But I mean the lighting on other Nano Tanks are not Metal Halide. Metal Halide gets very hot, and in the 28HQI, there is an enclosed hood which will keep all the heat in. Not to sound rude, but you will have to get a chiller ($300+) if you buy this tank. The heat just stays up way too high.

I personally wouldn't add two species of Clowns to one tank, unless one is like a Black Occleraris and the Other a regular Percula. Most other Clowns get too aggresive to each other. I would get a pair of Percs/Occ or a Clarkii.

There are plenty of options of corals you can get. If you do decide to get this tank, the metal halide will easily support almost everything from Softies to SPS. Good, easy softie corals are Zoas (one of my favorites and come in every color combo possible), Polyps, Mushrooms, Xenia (grows like a weed, be careful), there are actually a lot of easy softies. Easy LPS will be Frogspawn, Hammer, and Candycane. Easy SPS will be Montipora Digitata and Birdsnest, but may require some feeding.

maymo70hunt 06-25-2008 01:09 AM

Just keeping it going...
Don't feel as though you are rude in any way, I'm asking for advice so don't hold back. Everyone's suggestions are appreciated.
Cody, you seem to be uneasy about the tank I was discribing. Please, let me know what you would suggest for me, thanks. Also, please suggest some more fish. And since I'm fairly dumb about lighting systems, please let me know about the lighting system for the tank you recommend for me.

Cody 06-25-2008 08:59 AM

You can buy the tank if you do invest in a chiller, but there are other options you can do that do not cost as much yet still very good.

This tank, the Aquapod 24G with a 150W Sunpod, is basically the equalivant to the JBJ HQI. It has the same type of lighting, and the loss of only 4 gallons. Still an all-in-one kit. One of the best ways you can go for an all-in-one as you can go. I know a site in which sells that for $299.99.

Other All-in-ones I know of might need a light upgrade which will cost at least $100 more, if not $200+. The only other one I can think of would be the Red Sea Max, or Current USA Solana, which come with almost EVERYTHING, but are at $800.

About lighting, there are 3 main types of lighting for SW reef. These are PC (Power compact), T5, and MH (Metal Halide). PC lighting is at the bottom, and is generally less expensive than others. You can keep almost every softie, some LPS depeandant on what PC lighting you have, and very very rarely, SPS (I was thinking about doing that, but now I am not, just for the health of teh coral). T5 can easily hold most softies and most LPS, and occasionally SPS in they are placed high in the tank. T5 is generally more expensive than PC. The last one is Metal Halide. These are generally most expensive, but are best for coral's health. These also run very hot. You can easily keep almost every coral dependant on what type of bulb and/or light fixture you have.

Good starter fish...there are actually a lot. Of course, Clowns are a favorite, and do best in pairs (this means 1 male and 1 female, not 2 females, etc). And, whatever you do, DO NOT GET A DAMSEL. Lol, some others may dissagree, but they can be the devil in fish form. Many popel I know can never get them out of a tank and they eventually kill other fish from the stress and harrasment they put on them. Chromis are good, and look really pretty in a school, but you need a bare minimum of 3 in a tank. Other really nice options are most gobies, Firefish (goby), Pseudochromis, Royal Gramma (produces a lot of waste, however), Cardinalfish, and possibly Dwarf Angels such as the Cherub Pygmy, Coral Beauty, and sometimes, the flame can work. However, Dwarf Angels can feed off of corals. The best way to determine what you like would be going to your local fish store, writing down the names of fish you like, and then post them here so we can determine what setup you should get. There are just a ton of options, and are all based on what you like.

maymo70hunt 06-25-2008 05:11 PM

Just replying...
Ok, went went and found out today what I'm gonna get. I am gonna get a 45g with a stand, filter, protein skimmer, T5 fixture as well as a MH fixture. Also gonna get it set up with the rock and sand. Post any comments, or anything you wanna say about it. (If you're okay with it or whatever.)

**Also post any fish/corals that you suggest will look nice in here.

Cody 06-25-2008 06:00 PM

That does potentially sound good. But, IMO, I would incorperate a sump for a filter. This adds water to your whole system and you can hide equipment in there.

But, to make sure this is a good system, we need to know how many watts, how long the lights have been used, the kelvin rating, and the bulb type is for the lighting. And, we need to know the skimmer brand/model.

maymo70hunt 06-26-2008 08:19 PM

Out of curiosity, not to attack you, but what gives you the qualification to pass on such specific information?

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