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iamntbatman 06-18-2008 04:36 PM

Endler's in a 5.5g?
I have a standard 5.5g tank that's been cycling for a while. I've been debating what to put in it.

Could two pairs of Endler's livebearers work? I'd remove the fry to another tank where I'd grow them out some before selling them to the LFS. Could I also add a few cherry shrimp?

tophat665 06-18-2008 09:56 PM

Absolutely. That's a fine plan. Only problem will be keeping ahead of the fry production.

iamntbatman 06-18-2008 10:37 PM

Excellent. My LFS isn't the best, but it's one of the few I've been to that actually carries Endler's. They'll gladly take the fry off my hands, as well.

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