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Boomshaker 06-17-2008 09:20 AM

1st time hospital tank help
I have 2 beautiful fan tails in a 30gallon tank. One of them I saw yesterday has a whole in her tail with little red spots around the hole. I am pretty sure it's fin rot. I just happent to have a 10 gallon tank on stand by. (it's empty right now)

If I may, i have a few short questions.

I need to do a water change anyway on my 30 gallon. Should I use about 5 gallons of that water and add it to my 10 gallon tank along with the regular chemicals I normal use? (or do not add these chemicals yet?)

How long do i let the water sit before I add her?

I read that you should just run the bubble wand for the first 2 days and then turn on your filter? ( i believe i have a tetra whisperer with the removable cartridges)

Also what type of medication should I use? I really do want my little female to loose her fin. It's big a flowing nicely.

And hwo many times a week should I change the water and how long do I leave her in there?

Thanks for all your help folks. I really appreciate it.

Pasfur 06-17-2008 06:45 PM

In my experience, the only successful hospital tanks are established prior to treatment, or as an alternative a sponge filter can be moved from the primary aquarium to the hospital tank. If your hospital tank does not have an established bacteria bed, and you do not have a "portable" bacteria bed, such as a sponge filter, then I would strongly suggest that you treat inside the display tank.

For future reference, I like to keep a small sponge filter running inside my display aquarium. The sponge can easily be moved to a hospital tank, along with some water, so that the environment is safe for the fish for treatment. For the record, in a marine system this method has drawbacks and an established hospital aquarium is best.

Boomshaker 06-17-2008 07:26 PM

My local pet store guy who I believe knows a good deal about many fish. Told me I could use API's Triple Sulfa™ Powder, in the same tank as she is in now. I have another femail fantail in there. Also a male sword tail and 2 peppered cori's. The guy said it was fine. That I could leave them in there as I treat my main fish. Is this true?

Boomshaker 07-09-2008 10:34 AM

FYI update,

Did not need to use a hospital tank. Used the Triple Sulfa right in the main tank. Did two teatments and 2 water changes and the red marks are gone on my fan tails fin. Her fin is healing up nicely. Also, no changes in my other fish in the tank. The seems healthy and doing quite nicely. If this happenes again, I will not hesitate to re-do the same treatment with out removing the infected fish. Just wanted to give you guys and gals an update.

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