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acidjed9 06-16-2008 07:44 AM

125 Gallon New Setup Questions
I just got a 125 Gallon tank from Craiglist. I plan to transfer all the fish in my 55 Gallon to this tank but have a couple questions.

The 125 is 6ft long and will require to lights I assume. Problem is the setup didn't come with any lighting or canopy. I measured the groove in the top and it's 35" long. All the lights I have seen are 36". Do the lights cover 36" but fit in the 35" groove?

My other question is smell. My 55 gallon sometimes has a smell coming off it. Basically the smell of pond. Not really ideal for the living room. I do water changes frequently but it persists. Is there a reason it is so stinky and a way to fix it?



Pasfur 06-16-2008 09:45 AM


Lights: it depends on the manufacturer. Some light strips will fit inside the groove, and other are made to sit on the frame. You need to buy the lights that are made by the same manufacturer as the aquarium.

Another alternative, which I prefer, is to build a canopy. You can probably make one for less than $50. Then buy light fixtures from Home Depot or Lowes and mount the fixtures inside your canopy. These fixtures usually cost about $10. Or just buy a ballast and endcaps, if you are handy. If you buy a fixture, you will need to use bulbs made for an aquarium, replacing the shop light bulbs.

The smell is likely a result of food and waste decay. Increased water changes, or increased use of activated carbon, will usually solve the problem.

It is also possible that you have areas within the gravel bed that have become stagnant. This often happens when a large rock or piece of driftwood remains undisturbed. The low oxygen area within the gravel below can result in a hydrogen sulfide smell. The solution is the same. Use a gravel vac and increase water changes. The honest truth is this... a well cared for aquarium will not have any odor.

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