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trixielovesme0 04-17-2013 02:30 AM

Cory cat eggs?
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I found these a couple days so, And they have just been popping up everywhere, are they Cory cat eggs? I have 3 large emerald green Corys, one salt and pepper Cory, and an albino Cory (both of with are under and inch). My green news have been together since I bought them almost 2 years ago, the smaller ones I've had for a few months. They are all in a 55 gal tank, with a few other fish, who don't bother them.

essjay 04-17-2013 04:26 AM

They sure look like it to me :-D I have Pepper and Bronze Corys and the Peppers lay their eggs everywhere, mostly on the glass but they'll lay on any smooth flat surface. Not sure about the Bronzes as I haven't seen them spawn yet.

They will eat their eggs, so you might have to research breeding them if you want to keep the fry.

djembekah 04-17-2013 11:38 PM

they look like they were, but that they were eaten.

trixielovesme0 04-20-2013 12:14 AM

So I've found the culprit!! It's my new, small salt and pepper Cory. I'm guessing its her) I found one cupped in her fins, and after I got pics,, it was gone. I've found a few more around the tank, and saw one of the big Cory's eating them!! Ah, what could I do to keep em from eating them?
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trixielovesme0 04-20-2013 12:22 AM

Cory cat eggs and eating them? Fertile?
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I've come home to eggs, but they have been eaten.
I've found my small Cory with an egg cupped in her fins, and I look again, and it's gone (guess she laid it)
But I look again, and one of my bigger Cory's ate one of the eggs off the glass!

How can I save the eggs? And are they fertile? They are clear/whiteish color.

In the pic, you can see (in her bottom fins) the egg, and the bottom corner is my larger cory

djembekah 04-20-2013 12:25 AM

if you want to hatch and grow out cory eggs, you can't really do it in a community. breeding fish in a community is pretty hard, especially if there are predatory fish. my cories don't eat their own eggs though. that's kinda weird to me lol.

you could TRY putting the eggs into a breeder net or a breeder box that gets plenty of flow. you might get fry that hatch that way. i did once. the fry escaped though.

My cories DID spawn yesterday

I apologize for how bad that picture is.

trixielovesme0 04-20-2013 01:12 AM

Wow! There's so much, she's laying a few, in different spots, idk who she's breeding with though. Might try they, I thinks th would be alright, I have extra tanks I could set up if they hatched.
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djembekah 04-20-2013 10:01 AM

Fun! Also i love the pic where she's holding the egg :) awesome. i have a big shoal of bronze cories and at least two females and there are several groups of eggs around my tank right now. no idea if they'll hatch or if fry will survive though, since my angels will eat almost anything. they tried the eggs but they must be too tough to snack on.

good luck!'
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