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Note 06-14-2008 11:44 PM

Help Please (pics)
There's something wrong with this fish. Another fish I had of this type, long fin rosy barb, had the same thing happening to him and he died. He was rather young. This one is less than a year old, female.

Does anyone recognize this issue? Perfect tank PH, btw, for these fish.

herefishy 06-15-2008 12:10 AM

Anal Prolapse.

Note 06-15-2008 03:04 AM

Thank you, I'll research that. The fins are also looking shabby and another female in the tank looks like she's dying of starvation. I feed them twice a day, more than enough. I'm wondering if there is a parasite or something that might be the cause...perhaps the bleeding is a secondary symptom caused by weakened imune system? Can Ich do this?
If you look at the fins, some parts appear whiter and flaky. Anyway, I put Ich remover into the tank to be sure. A few teaspoons of salt. Removed the filters, etc. It's a 30 gallon, freshwater tank.

Note 06-15-2008 03:09 PM

I've searched and searched for information on "anal prolapse" and the closest I've gotten was a site that answered a question about "rectal prolapse" and the response was that fish do not have a "rectal" to prolapse. :?:

kailey11293 06-18-2008 11:10 PM

have you checked the ammonia level and the ph level? u should make sure that they are normal

is it just me or did your fish seem to have red around the gills idk maybe its just the picture but i just want to make sure. What ever it is it could be contagious (sp?) have you isolated the fish?

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