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southafrica1001 06-13-2008 01:19 AM

cleaning out a tank
i really need help with my 8 gallon. it is covered in algae (not hair algae) and the water is green. i do weekly water changes but as much water as i take out (sometimes 75% just to get rid of the green water) the water still stays green. i also scrub the tank with a sponge to get the algae of the galss and that usually works but within a week its back again. so i thought that maybe its worth putting my 2 platy fry and 1 swordtail fry in a breeding net in my 29 gallon and completly cleaning out the tank, but i wont clean the sponge filter so that there will be some bacteria to help establish the tank again. can this be done and what can i use to get rid of the algae? could bleach be used if i rinse the tank a few times to make sure that there is no bleach left? there is no plants or gravel in the tank, but i want to turn it into a fully planted tank, and get another species of fish.
the lights are on 9 hours a day ( to long i now) but i am going to leave them for 5 hours now. it doesnt get that much direct sunlight either.

sorry for the long post :?

iamntbatman 06-13-2008 02:15 AM

I would move the tank so that it doesn't get any direct sunlight. The aquarium lighting is debatable. I think you'd be fine leaving it on for the full 9 hours. Why don't you introduce some live plants to the tank? A fast-growing plant will compete with algae for nutrients. If it's a fry tank, I can't over-recommend hornwort. The stuff grows out of control and fry love to swim around in it. I've never had algae problems in any of my tanks that have significant amounts of hornwort.

I think the sunlight is the biggest issue, though. Moving it should help a great deal.

southafrica1001 06-13-2008 06:01 AM

yea i want to change it into a planted and hopefully put in a betta, i dont have much place to put it but it is getting minimum sunlight, so i can see what i can do. thanks :D any ideas on bleach though?

iamntbatman 06-13-2008 02:11 PM

I've read about people using bleach to get rid of algae on live plants before, so it could work. You will have to completely recycle the tank, though.

okiemavis 06-13-2008 03:37 PM

I wouldn't recommend doing it- the tank will still probably regain the algae problem if you return it to how it was before. You can however bleach any decorations and plants in the tank to get rid of that algae, and then work on figuring out what the cause of it is. If it gets any direct sunlight then I think we know what the culprit is! Plus, direct sunlight can cause problematic temperature fluctuations, so blocking out the light should be your #1 goal!

A better alternative to tearing the whole tank down is doing a 4 day blackout. If you've got no live plants there right now it'll be easy-peasy.

southafrica1001 06-13-2008 10:12 PM

thanks, the problem is i have terrible algae sitting in the glass and the only way to get rid of it is scraping it with the back of a sponge so that can scrap the glass and it cant get into the corners.

if i did do it i dont think the recycling would be a problem as i would keep the sponge wet and use some water from my 29gallon. its more the look and smell of the tank that im worried about.

edit: im am doing the black out already thanks for that :D would you think that if i did bleach it then put plants in that it would take longer for the algae to grow back? ill think about moving the tank as i have to find a sutible location :D thanks for your suggestions

willow 06-14-2008 02:38 AM

hot water and a gentel scrub,i've never used bleach for this.
i think once the tank is moved and then planted you'll
get the happier results that you are looking for,
and don't forget the pics when you finish. pleasssssssssssseeeee:D

southafrica1001 06-14-2008 06:14 AM

thanks ill try the warm water and toothbrush :) and see how it goes thanks :D my lfs is trying to get a nice betta for me so illpost when its done :D. anyone used plant peat for aquariums before?

okiemavis 06-14-2008 09:34 AM

I haven't, but it'll probably work. It will make your pH more acidic, but that's good for your betta.

southafrica1001 06-14-2008 09:39 AM

really, well if i find that the ph is to high i will use some decreaser, thanks :D

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