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Fish-addict 06-12-2008 10:24 PM

Condy anemone...
I heard that a condy anemone can be kept in 20 gallons, and I was wanting one when I get my 20g set up. What would be the minimum light wattage requirement for a condy anemone? And also, do I need a special kind of light like I would need for corals?

Pasfur 06-14-2008 06:32 AM

Unless you have a lot of experience in saltwater, I would very highly recommend that you not keep an anemone. They are extremely difficult to maintain long term. In the wild their life span runs in excess of 200 years, but in captivity very few people keep them longer than 5 years. It is a very sad situation.

Now, to answer your question. You would treat an anemone just like you would a reef setup. You want near perfect water chemistry, monitoring Nitrates, Alkalinity, and Calcium. To achieve the desired water chemistry the use of a 4'' sand bed, live rock, and oversized protein skimmer would be desired. Lighting would be compact fluorescents at minimum.

Again, unless you have an extreme level of experience, please do not contribute to the retail anemone trade by purchasing an animal. Because it will die in the near future for nearly 100% of hobbyists. Nearly.

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