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madnessmedic 06-12-2008 11:39 AM

Rate my Tank/Question
Hi I am new to fish keeping and so I am looking to joining this community. I moved to an apartment that doesn't allow pets but does allow an aquarium no bigger than 10 gallons. Pretty strict rules but I follow them. I hope to have a big salt water aquarium one day but for now I enjoy my 10 gallon tank. Ill provide pics later. So I have a ten gallon tank with all equipment needed and heater.

- 6 Neon Tetras
So far I have had two deaths (which I replaced yesterday to make a total of 6 again) both happened the same way. They both stayed near the top of the tank away from the rest of the tetras for a couple of days then died. Not sure why. Other than that they provide nice colors and I think they keep my Betta from being bored.

- 1 Male Betta
My favorite. I named him Phil because he is always near the FILter. :P He has personality for sure. He likes to bully the neons sometimes but has never bit them as far as I know. Hes cool cuz he will eat from the top, middle, and I have even seen him eat off the rocks.

- 2 Mystery Snails
Wow I've only has these a couple of days but they are amazing. I might get more if the ghost shrimp ever become fewer. They are the coolest to watch. Love them.

- 8 Ghost Shrimp (2 preg)
They were 10 for a dollar so I couldn't resist. I know they was probably too much but to be honest I thought my betta would have ate a few but so far nope. 2 are preg and I wish I knew for how long. I can't find how long they hold the eggs in them on the net.

I have a decent rock with two holes they the tetras and betta swim thru. I also have 5 water plant seeds they still havent sprouted but i see roots growing on 2 of them so hopefully soon. So you think I could add another snail or 2? I would like to keep 6-7 Tetras, 1 betta, and 3-4 snails at the most. I dont plan to keep the ghost shrimp stocked if this generation ever dies off. Ill try to get pics soon! Please Rate my tank. Oh I do not have a test kit for PH or anything but the pet store said that with a 10 gallon and the fish I have it shouldnt be a problem with weekly water changes. Thanks.

madnessmedic 06-12-2008 03:20 PM

dead forum :(

athlete3344 06-12-2008 03:24 PM

During the afternoon Ive noticed it has been...I would invest in a liquid test kit by API. We cant really say why your fish died before we see the basics.

Someone more experienced may come along and add to it but its impossible to tell at the moment.

I also think your snail may eat your plants.

okiemavis 06-12-2008 04:53 PM

You could make a bridge between two or more 10 gallons, that still counts, right!?

Check it out:

Flashygrrl 06-12-2008 05:41 PM

At this point you're likely to see die-off since you made the same mistake that every newbie makes (usually upon the advice of a Petco/PetSmart employee) and put too many fish into an uncycled tank, and on top of that you have two messy, messy snails. Stop stocking and get the API test kit, you're pretty much at your limits for the tank if you plan to keep the snails you already have. Sorry :(

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