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robert 11-27-2006 10:51 PM

found white worm in new fish tank
I recently started a fresh water tank. It's about 6 weeks old. I have a betta, cory and some ghost shrimp. After I feed tonight i saw a white thread like worm in the rocks.At first I thougt it was a cat hair,sense I have a whit cat.But when i removed the object it curled up very slowly.My question is what kind of worm is it? Where did it come from? Is it a danger to me or my fish? Is it a parasite? I ask because I have heard that fish can carry tape worms? thanks for any help!

Lupin 11-27-2006 10:54 PM

Hi and welcome aboard, Robert.:wave:

That worm is probably planaria. They will appear if tank is not maintained properly or if you have been overfeeding your fish. Planaria is not a parasite. They serve as indicator of when your tank is doing wel. Improper maintenance will cause them to boom their population. They are generally harmless and your fish will eat them.:)

Hope you enjoy the forum.:thumbsup: We appreciate having you joined us.:thumbsup: :crazy:

JouteiMike 11-27-2006 11:18 PM

Yeah, usually those mean it's time to step it up with cleaning your tank. Do a gravel vac; as Blue stated, they come about when there is uneaten food in the gravel. Try feeding your fish less, and keep up with regular water changes/gravel vacs.

How big is your tank? And have you tested your water parameters?

weaselnoze 11-29-2006 09:04 PM

correct me if im wrong but planaria have short bodies and an arrow shaped head (if looked at closely). he's describing something long and threadlike..

Lupin 11-29-2006 09:05 PM

A picture would help, right?:)

By the way, welcome aboard, weaselnoze.:wave:

weaselnoze 11-29-2006 09:22 PM

thanks blue! here is a pic of a planaria i found on the web. does it look like this?

very cool creatures. the target of many middle school science fair projects :wink:

Lupin 11-29-2006 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by weaselnoze
thanks blue!

No problem.:thumbsup: I'm glad to welcome anybody to this forum.:mrgreen:

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