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spazzymgee101 06-10-2008 07:59 PM

2 Large clown loaches 4.5 " with two oscars?
Hi I am new to this forum but have a couple of questions, as of right now I have an established 90 gallon with two oscars and one 7" albino pleco,and have come across a great deal on 2 4.5" clown loaches my Q is would they be compatible with the o's or will they be eaten I have 2 rena xp4' filtering and min decorations so I don't think bioload is a problem. A fast reply would be nice cuase I don't think they are going to last long.

iamntbatman 06-10-2008 09:10 PM

Clowns really like to be in bigger groups than that and I'm not sure if 90g is enough for two oscars, the plec, and a good group of clown loaches.

Whether or not they're combatible relies on how big your oscars are. If they're huge oscars, I would say the clowns might be in danger, but if they're say 9" or under you're probably fine. Clown loaches aren't aggressive, but they have some pretty nasty spines under their eyes and can defend themselves well if need be.

Gump 06-10-2008 11:58 PM

My general rule with oscars and peacock bass is never mix them with clowns, cories, or antenna cats. Some people have done it successfully but its not worth it since ive seen too many posts to count about an oscar with a clown or cory stuck in its throat and both fish die. Also a 90 gallon is small for clowns let alone clowns with two oscars messing up the water.

spazzymgee101 06-11-2008 11:22 PM

well after thinking about it I decided to forget about the loaches for now till I get my 120 but 4-5" clowns are hard to come by in alberta ill just have to sit and grind it out I guess thanks for the great advice probably saved me two or more fish.

Lupin 06-12-2008 02:55 AM

Have you looked into Craiglist? Might help you get some tank bargains. I'd rather have loaches than oscars if you ask me.;)

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