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MegK 06-10-2008 02:03 PM

i dont understand
i got 6 loaches a few months ago, and now im down to one. ever since i got them they just slowly died off one at a time, and i have no idea why. all my water tests are fine.

there was a week i went on vacation and a betta i had in the tank got dropsy.

and there was a while where there was an algea problem, but the tank has been moved.

now all thats left is a snail and one kuhli loach. the last one that died was today and it looked fine, it just acted odd, shaking randomly and stuff.

what couldve killed them? im afraid to put anything else in the tank, as they seem to die...

the tank is a ten gallon thats pretty long, and it has sand. i used store sand that was good for salt and fresh water aquariums. and there was a time when i was moving tanks when i have cories in there before i got loaches and they were fine!

any idea on what happened?

ollecram 06-10-2008 03:55 PM

post your water parameters. cant really go by much if you say your water is fine. :)

MegK 06-10-2008 08:26 PM

ok i did two tests, a strip test and a liquid test and some of the answers are completely different

here are the strip:

nitrite- 0.5
ph= 6.8

Liquid test:


i didnt bother doing theph test again.

ollecram 06-10-2008 08:39 PM

sorry, i cant help you. i just said for you to post your parameters because thats what they would have told you to do and you probably would've wasted another day. someone should help you diagnose them really soon now that you have your parameters up. best of luck to you and your fishies.

Gump 06-11-2008 12:01 AM

it was probably your tank size. a 10 gallon tank is much to small for clowns. They dont do well with temp flux so in a small tank the temp can change quickly and that could stress out a small clown enough to end its life. What were you feeding them?

MegK 06-11-2008 05:57 AM

they arent clowns, they are kuhli loaches, and the length of my tank was just right for them.

i vary the food some sinking shrimp pellets, flake and algea wafers

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