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heatnchris 06-09-2008 11:12 AM

My Betta seems puffy!?
We have had our fish King since June of last year. We kept him in a small fish bowl that hung on the wall...neat but we started noticing that his color was fading and he didnt seem happy or able to swim.

After reading online that this is not a suitable living situation we upgraded to a 5gal tank with filter. We added more plants and a cave and king seemed to be in his glory. Finally able to open his fins and swim! His color started coming back and he seemed to be doing great!

But I started noticing now that he seems to be puffy? mostly around his mouth and gills. (the gills look dark too almost black?) He has been eating much better in this tank, i almost worry he is eating too much? My husband has a bad habbit of seeing King at the top of the water. He of course thinks it means King is hungry so he drops a pellet or 2 in. I of course only fed him 4-6 pellets a day..... and now i am afraid to feed him too much cause i have no idea what my husband has fed him. And I dont want him to be over fed if thats possible.

His new tank's water isnt cloudy at all. Any suggestions as to why he may be puffy?

ErinBBC 06-11-2008 01:22 PM

He is probably just getting fat! I had to reduce the amount I was feeding Marley because he got fat too. You can search Google Images for the term 'overweight bettas' or 'overfed bettas' and see if those pictures look like your fish. If you are feeding him 8 pellets per day total (your 6 and your husband's 2) then you might try reducing it to 6 pellets total per day.

Also he might be constipated. I think in the FAQ and General Care sticky post you'll find out how to feed him a pea to un-plug him. If you reduce the food and he's not constipated, then you may have to start researching diseases.

Remind your husband that bettas go to the top of the water to breathe, they have an organ that allows them to 'gulp' oxygen from the air, which is why they need a tank with a low current. Overfeeding is one of the worst things you can do for your betta! It can lead to all kinds of problems. Make sure you know exactly how much food he is getting.

ErinBBC 06-11-2008 01:47 PM

Also do you have a heater? Bettas kept without a heater in water less than 77 or 78 degrees are prone to lots of illnesses. I have a five gallon tank and the heater for it cost about fifteen bucks so it's a good investment.

MisticAllie314 06-11-2008 11:02 PM

your fishy-boo is either a) overweight or b) has swim bladder
swim bladded is a betta's constipation... because bettas actually have really small stomaches and dont eat quite as much as say another fish their size. My vashy use to get swim bladder the first couple months i had him... so i did some research and fed him less. Right now he gets a 6 pellets or a pinch of betta gold flakes every morning and a pinch of bloodworms every other night... he hasn't had swim bladder in over a year. Not to mention bettas will get swim bladder more commonly when they're younger (under a year) so since you say you've had him over a year... def cut down the daily consumption.
also feeding the innerds of a pea will act as a laxative to rid him of constipation/swim bladder quickly

heatnchris 06-17-2008 01:04 PM

Puffy update!
So I asked my husband to be sure if he was feeding king, and he says no. So no king is not being overfed. I have noticed now to, not only is he really really puffy...he is starting to lay/swim sideways. His bottom fins also have holes in them!!!! Is it just near the end of his time? I tried feeding him the inside of a pea as someone suggested, and it didnt help relieve him at all..he just spit it out. I have checked his water, and everything is at safe levels. His color in his other fins are fine, but the color of his body is going from pinkish purple to white............ I just dont know at this point. Poor King! :( :?

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