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angelbubby28 06-08-2008 11:17 PM

please help me with my oscar
I have had my one oscar for about 6 months he has grown ok but then i thought that maybe he needed a friend so i went and bought another oscar today for him as a friend i did everything that the pet store said to do let the new fish soak in the water to get used to the temp then add some of my tank water to the water let him/her get used to it then slowly let the fish in my tank my oscar spent most of the day biting and chasing the new one around now the new one is biting and chasing my oscar around i am afraid that they will fight all night and will either hurt and kill each other what i need to know is this normal and if so will it stop they are both hurt already if its not normal how long should i continue to let them try to get along

Please help me dont want either fish to die

bettababy 06-09-2008 02:15 AM

In order to answer your questions, we'll need to know more about your situation.

How big is the tank?
How big is each fish?
How much decoration is in the tank?

Is this normal? Sometimes. It will depend greatly on your answers to the above questions. A mature oscar defending it's territory can be quite fierce. If it is feeling crowded, or if the decor hasn't been rearranged when adding the new fish, then all you are doing is adding an intruder who also needs territory. Thus, the fighting you are witnessing. IF the tank is large enough, rearranging the decorations can usually resolve the problem, but that means ALL decorations in the tank. The idea is to take away anyone's territory that is already claimed, so empty everything out and put it all back in but differently. Give them both the opportunity to find territory away from each other at the same time.
Sometimes something like this requires adding more decor to the tank, and/or getting them into a larger tank. These are fish that grow very large (about 14 - 16 inches each) and then do so rapidly. They need a lot of space. For 2 adult oscars, they should have at least 150 - 200+ gallons of water to manage their waste levels and need for territory.

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