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jinithith2 11-26-2006 07:37 PM

More pics from jinithith zwei

dprUsh83 11-26-2006 08:26 PM

Awesome pics!!!!

jinithith2 11-26-2006 08:34 PM

thanks! :D I know my fish aren't extraordinary but I always appreciate complements :)

dprUsh83 11-26-2006 08:37 PM

A dwarf puffer equals the level of coolness of any fish, I love em! :thumbsup:

Lupin 11-26-2006 10:34 PM

Nice pics, Jin.:thumbsup:

Lauri 11-27-2006 11:17 AM

The puffer is so tiny, very cute tho.. nice photos

Amphitrite 11-27-2006 11:26 AM

Gorgeous pics Jin. I love the puffer! :nicefish:

How many tiger barbs do you have in your tank? I tried keeping a group of nine in my community tank with disastrous results.

joeshmoe 11-27-2006 12:27 PM

sweet :D

flatcam1 11-27-2006 03:21 PM

Very nice fish you have there jinithith!

when you get big fish they seem to have a lot more personality and you never get bored with them.

girlofgod 11-27-2006 03:46 PM

im amazed you can keep that puffer in there like that...i'm suprised the little bugger hasnt taken out any of your fish.....

has anyone ever told you that your name sounds like a jedi knight's name?

Jedi Jinithith Zwei!!!


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