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TORYthefishMOM 04-11-2013 06:33 PM

To use the nursery or not...HELP?
So I started my 10 gallon fishtank about 2 months ago. I now only have guppies in my tank, 3 pairs. 2 of my 3 females are pregnant, so I went and picked up a floating in tank nursery with the divider drop in so mom cant eat the babies when theyre born. But Ive done some reading and I now understand that putting a female guppy in a nursery can stress her out to the point of dying! They apparently stress so much they dont survive SO I dont know what to do! I know the adult fish will eat the babies but I dont want to kill my females in the process Ive lost enough fish already. What should I do? Is it worth the risk or not? My water parameters are good save for I'm working on getting my ammonia levels down from .13ppm to 0ppm with liquid ammonia remover, prime, and water changes. My fish are doing great. I dont want to mess that up! Help please?

OSagent23 04-12-2013 12:13 AM

If there is nothing else in the aquarium other than guppies, then the babies should survive without being eaten. Guppies do not eat their young. If you have other fish other than guppies then yes use a nursery.

TORYthefishMOM 04-12-2013 02:44 AM

Are you sure? From what Ive read and from others experience whove told me about it I'm to understand they will eat their young if no other food is present at the time? So...what about my algae eater? I have a Chinese Algae Eater to clean the tank. Will he eat them?

Captain Jim Dandy 04-12-2013 04:22 AM

Different strains of guppies behave differently in regards to young,.I've used those plastic traps, net keepers.I have found, while many times it can be very successful, that some females will hold young or stress to point they cannot bear the fry.Then some become ill, and I really don't know how to save them after they become ill, they will slowly fade. I've gone to not capturing, just having a lot of plants for the young to hide in. Then gently net the young out to different tank (usually try to let them strengthen a few hours, unless really being pursued). It's what works for you,..but I always fear mom getting sick.

DragonFyre14 04-12-2013 07:28 AM

I bought one of those for the same reason. My guppies never really liked it. They would swim quickly around and crash into the walls and never would give birth. I prefer to just let them give birth in the main tank and then try and find the babies I can. (although with about 8 or so adult guppies and a gourami not too many survive unless they make it to the planted side of the aquarium.) I usually use the breeder trap to house the fry until I have a different home available. That being said, newborn fry or couple day old fry, I've found have the tendency to slip out of the cracks in the plastic breeder traps.

TORYthefishMOM 04-12-2013 02:54 PM

I have a pretty intense filter in my tank its only a 10 gallon but I got a filter that would work for upwards of a 30 gallon tank. It wont suck them up will it? And I do have quite a few plants in my tank. 3 ferns, 2 sheaths of bamboo, and a fine laved plant on a lava rock with moss. Its pretty green in there. So long as my filter wont suck them up they should survive?

DragonFyre14 04-12-2013 04:59 PM

If its as heavily planted as it sounds like, you should have no problem getting at least a few.
As for the filter though.... I have a 29 gallon tank with a filter rated for 30 gallons and I have had one or two fry who did get sucked up by it. I would recommend using some clean panty hose or a net of some sort. Other than that I'm sure you will have plenty of fry.
I'm not sure if this was previously stated so I'll say it anyway, guppies will eat their own fry. Especially the first day or two. The mom on the other hand won't at first because of certain hormones that make her not want to eat them right away.
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TORYthefishMOM 04-12-2013 05:24 PM

Panty hose? Really? Thats interesting and not something Ive heard before...but if it will save my babies I'll definitely do it :) If my camera hadnt been destroyed by my 2 year old Id upload pics of everything so Itd be easier for people to tell me what to do. One day soon maybe...but yes. I have a pretty green tank as I said. Id heard the babies will hide in the plants to survive. Should I maybe add a few more just in case? We're planning on getting a 55 Gallon tank as a larger community tank and get more guppies, and I'll use my 10 gallon as a nursery tank, probably with a bit smaller filter then too. I know now about the nitrogen cycle and how to establish my tank properly before adding fish. And this tank will be sweet for sure. I'm putting in driftwood and lava rock. Anyone know anything about putting crystals in a tank? Like actual rock crystals? My pawpaw ownes/owned a rock quarry in the mountains of NC (he passed away last march but its still in the family) and he brought all us grandkids all kinds of cool rocks including big sheets of Amethyst and Quartz Crystal. Think I could use those without it causing weird things to happen with my water parameters? Theyre natural minerals so I figure they wont hurt anything. And lots of plants. Lots of them.

DragonFyre14 04-12-2013 09:06 PM

Yep. Panty hose works well. Really anyway you can cover up the filter intake without impeding it too much. Panty hose is just the best and easiest I've heard of. You can always add more plants but it sounds like it should be fine. My tank isn't too heavily planted and the main reason I lose a fair amount of fry, is the plants don't really reach up to the surface (all but one are fake plants at the moment). So make sure you have some hiding spaces near the surface as guppies are top dwelling fish mostly.
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TORYthefishMOM 04-13-2013 02:15 AM

Both my twisted bamboo sheaths go well above the surface and have multiple branches and lots of leave. They should be sufficient enough to shied them. If not my ferns are fair sized but dont quite reach to the top yet. I also have a big spongebob figurine (my eldest loves spongebob) its hollow in the middle. Will they hide there too? I need to know where to look for them so I can find them and put them in the nursery when theyre born because chances are I wont be around the tank when that happens. 2 small girls take up most all my time at the moment lol :) Curious too. I had no idea there were so many specific types of guppies until now. I was looking and apparently I have a Gold Cobra(male), 3 Blue Diamond(1 male 2 females), and 2 Orange/Tequila Sunrise variations(1 male 1 female). Is it bad to let them cross or does it matter?

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